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  1. 2018 GT350 spring and sway bar recommendation

    What springs are everyone using on Magnaride cars, I don’t necessarily want to go as low as the Steeda progressives on my 2020 GT. Also what sway bars are people upgrading to on GT350’s? I also have the steeda’s on my GT and are happy with them but wouldn’t be opposed to trying BMR or Whiteline.
  2. Thoughts on forced induction for a GT350

    I’m considering adding forced induction to my new to me 2018 GT350 (I also have a 2020 GT with a Whipple that’s getting more mods, forged/sleeved motor with ported heads and MMR stage 2 blower cams) and I’ve narrowed it down to three options; 1) order a 3.8 Whipple head unit and 10 rib kit for...
  3. Who makes a good 3” cat back for GT350’s?

    What options are there for 3” catbacks that retain the exhaust valve feature? I’ve seen the Ford Performance (by Borla) and the Borla Atak, but what I read said they are only 2 3/4”. I’d like a true 3” as eventually I’ll most likely add forced induction (realistically sooner rather than later)
  4. I bought a GT350 today!

    I bought a 2018 GT350 today to keep my 2020 Whipple’d GT PP1 and my 65 Fastback company. It’s a 15k mi one owner car and I pick it up later next week.
  5. California Whipple 6 rib 5 bolt pulley 3.750

    Whipple 6 rib 5 bolt 3.750” pulley BNIB $120 or trade for 4 bolt 6 rib Whipple or Griptech pulley
  6. California Whipple 5bolt 6 rib 3.625 pulley

    Whipple 5 bolt (Gen 5) 6 rib 3.625 pulley $120 or trade for Whipple 6 rib 4 bolt pulley. BNIB
  7. 2019 Gt350 gauge cluster colors

    Is it possible to add my color to the GT350 cluster I want to install in my 2020 GT premium with my color. I don’t care about changing colors after that, gust want my cluster to match my PP1 gauges ans ambient lightning.
  8. WTB gen 3 heads

    Does anyone have a pair of gen 3 heads laying around that they would be willing to part with.
  9. Whipple gen5 CJ lid upgrade

    What type of reduction of IAT temps would you expect to see with the CJ upgrade? Are their any other benefits? How much larger is the core itself? thanks-
  10. Alignment suggestions

    Are there any specs outside of stock alignment numbers I should consider ? The car is a 2020 GT PP1 with a Gen 5 Whipple, Steeda progressive springs, sway bars, end links, billet mounts, adjustable camber arms, adjustable toe links, vertical links, subframe braves, diff and subframe lockouts...
  11. Beat suspension set up guy/shop in SoCal

    Where is the best place or person to go to for suspension set up in southern CA? I have the basics at the moment, springs, sway bars, end links, diff lockouts. Cradle lockouts, vertical links, toe rods, camber arms, spherical bearings, toe link bearings, cradle braces, k member, etc. about to...
  12. Anyone run an ice tank with a stage 2 Whipple Gen 5?

    If so, how do you use your car, how did you set it up, and are you happy with your results? I just got the PNR stage 3 ice tank, but was thinking about keeping the LTR that came in the Whipple kit in the mix. I was considering the ice tank feeding the inlets for the supercharger heat exchangers...
  13. Whipple Gen 5 pulley size for 91octane

    What size pulley can still be run with 91 octane? My car is a 2020 with ARH 1 7/8” catted long tubes and Magnaflow Competition 3” catback and 160 thermostat. The kit is the Whipple stage 2 with the 3.875 pulley @10lbs of Boost. I will be getting this dyno tuned and it’s not my daily so I don’t...
  14. Whipple plugs and gaps

    What spark plugs and gaps are people running with the Whipple stage 2 kit?
  15. Changing color on instrument cluster

    Anyone know how or where to go to change the colors o the cluster? I bought a GT350 cluster to put in my GT premium with the my color. I want to change the color of the cluster, not necessarily LED or color changing , just blue numbers and red needles I’d possible.
  16. Whipple 150mm throttle body and CJ intake

    I have a 2020 Gt I am about to install a Whipple gen 5 3.0 on. The car already has long tube headers and 3” Exhaust. Does anyone know how much (if any) there is to gain by going to the 150mm throttle body and Whipple’s big fender intake. I also have a stage 3 PNR ice tank. ID1050’s and fuel...
  17. California PP1 wheels, tires and spacers for sale

    Selling the stock wheels and tires off my 2020 GT PP1 that has 5,400 miles on it when I removed these. No curb rash or scratches, no TPMS sensors but I am including a set of Steeda 25mm wheel spacers. Local pick up in Orange County CA (Huntington Beach) preferred, but If you’re willing to pay...
  18. MP concepts GT500 front bumper

    Anyone with this bumper, how is the quality and fit? I got a couple scratches on my front bumper (plus the holes for the front license plate bracket) and was considering this bumper as a replacement.