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  1. Anyone do a MirrorTap yet?

    This thread was the closest I've found but it had 0 answers. Was stupid easy/well documented on my '19, curious if anyone has done it and can share which pins to use on our cars.
  2. Think if we bug RTR enough they’d make a lighting solution?

    They already have a plug-n-play lighting solution for their grilles: I can’t imagine it would be difficult to re-engineer this to fit the M1 slots. As with everything, comes down to demand…
  3. 2JZ Swapped S550 First Drive

    Really enjoying this build. Trevor from MotionAutoTv rebuilt a totaled auto Eco. Let it sit for a bit then decided to manual + 2JZ swap it. Entire series is with watching as he kept a shocking amount of Ford stuff and was able to get most gauges working. Can’t wait to see him button...
  4. Reverse Lockout, RIP

    Going into reverse felt sticky for a few days, also sounded more hollow than usual. Saturday I went to shit into reverse and it literally shattered in my hands. Thankfully I was in my driveway. Dealer quoted $290, for the entire assembly/boot/surround, needless to say I ordered the Steeda...