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  1. Who has a set of track wheels?

    Hey guys, I'm starting to get my GT track ready for next year where I'd like to do an event once every couple of months. Nothing too serious, more to explore the limits of the car in a safe environment and have some fun. One thing I am struggling with is finding a set of affordable track...
  2. Switch from Airaid to Injen?

    Hey guys, I have a 2017 GT PP with a 3" cat back exhaust, Airaid and tune. About to add 1 7/8 headers and cats, 18 manifold and looking to extract as much as I can out of it without going to E85. Is it worth switching out the Airaid to the Injen? I figured I could sell my Airaid to recover some...
  3. Suspension shops on the Gold Coast

    Hey qlders on the GC, where did you go to get some suspension work done? Looking to get a proper alignment, add some vertical links, possibly new struts/shocks etc Cheers Jimmy