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  1. Survey Says Ford Mustang Is Top Dream Car

    According to the survey, the number one dream car is the Mustang. Next up is simply “Tesla” but no model. Then we have Jeep, which we’ll assume is the Wrangler. Fourth is the Corvette, and the Camaro rounds out the top five...
  2. Do you have this rust with your 5.0?

    Just wondering if anyone else are experiencing with same rust. My 2019 has 22K miles. What's causing it and what do I need to replace?
  3. Soft Sealant to deaden rattle from Rear Bumper

    During my oil change this weekend, I saw a missing screw that bolted rear bumper to a plastic
  4. What year is the new Hybrid Mustang

    I read new Mustang will be a hybrid, with some form of electric incorporated. Just wondering when it is coming out. Just asking because I might want to get a new 5.0 that is all internal combustion engine.
  5. End of GT-350 Production

    This caught me by surprise. I like GT-350 configuration when compared with Mach 1. I guess I'll be doing w/o one. I need to love my GT Premium 6 spd more and enjoy the $$ not spent on a GT-350.
  6. Can't browse folders post SYNC 3.4 Update

    Anyone knows how to enable this feature via FORscan?
  7. Adventures In Oil Changes - Part II

    Part II, since original post is closed for replies. We need to lobby Ford to place the oil filter that can be changed from top, accessible from opened hood. This way one can change oil from apartment parking lot without having to deal with expensive or incompetent quick oil change places.
  8. Place to Mount a Glass Breaker/Seatbelt Cutter

    Has anyone mounted anything in this area? This area has about 3/4" drop in the headliner, and possible to mount something using two short screws? Any opinion on this or has had experience in dropping this part of headliner to comment?
  9. Imagine we're in UK, and it's 2029

    Did you see the news UK will stop using combustion engine by 2030? I will go out to buy me a brand new Mustang GT Premium 6 speed, so I'll have gas engine car. What would you be doing? Buy a battery car, unable to drive across this huge CONUS East coast to West coast?
  10. Where can I get SYNC3.4 Build 19200

    19200 you can watch MP4 video. Anyone knows where I could download this?
  11. Installed Bilstein Shocks on 2019 GT Rear

    CJ Pony had a great Video of installing Koni adjustable, and it helps how to do the rear. On Bilstein shocks the shaft is bit larger than OEM, 18mm vs 12mm. So you'll have to enlarge the rubber bump stop inside the dust shield. Don't be impatient and buy a 3/4inch drill bit from local HW...
  12. Torque spec needed for rear shock replacement

    Would appreciate torque spec for upper and lower bolts for rear shock replacement for 2019 Mustang GT.
  13. Shift Knob Install (Lessons Learned)

    I had to re-accomplish shift knob install three times because lock nut came loose and started to rattle. So, here is if you are going to install a White Shift Knob:
  14. After market engine coolant

    What is Ford coolant CVC-3DIL-B Orange equivalent after market one? Ford's cost about $40, looking for after market one that could be half the price, same orange color.
  15. Metal Shavings on Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

    Changed oil at 10,000 miles today. Noticed very small amount of metal shavings, very fine. Had 5,000 miles on this oil. I will have some tape next time to grab these shavings. Comments would be appreciated.
  16. How to direct wire Sirius Starmate 5 Audio using 3.5mm Stereo Plug

    I have a Sirius Starmate 5 with a lifetime subscription. Instead of paying for Sirius fee for Mustang indash radio, I would like to connect Starmate audio out with 3.5mm stereo plug to 8" SYNC3 radio. Is there a way to do this? I don't want to use the FM transmitter option because as you...
  17. What to do w/ Air Bubbles in Distressed Flag

    Got few small air bubbles putting on Distressed Flag. Guess I went a bit too fast. Any suggestions?
  18. manual transmission fluid

    I am planning to change 6 speed transmission fluid to Royal Purple Syncromax. I understand Mustangs use automatic transmission fluid for the manual transmission. I've heard a lot about the BG Syncro Shift II, but I think this is toooo thin. I like to hear some feedback on RP.
  19. Occasional "Rock Hitting Glass Sound" when starting to move

    As I start out in first gear and starting to move I hear the small-rock-hitting-glass like sound. Really there is nothing hitting windshield but I get this sound occasionally, not every day. Anyone had this problem? My GT has 1150 miles and recently purchased. Front windshield install looks...
  20. Hot Interior Center Console forward of the Shifter

    I noticed today the plastic center console forward of the manual shifter area is very hot on my 2019 GT. Is this normal or does it warrant a look over under chassis to see if insulation is needed (or under the center console).