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  1. DriveShaft

    Looking for opinions on aftermarket driveshaft's. Shaft Masters 3.5 aluminum is on back order. Circle D is building my 5c convertor (ETA August 17-21).
  2. Velossa Tech Resonator Delete

    So after some research was going to purchase a 2018 air box assemble & use the bottom part of the intake. Reasoning was to get rid of the resonator tube on the 15-17 air box's. I didn't want to pay $100 +, 1 member emailed me $325.00 (lol). google took me to Velossa Tech's site. Love the big...
  3. Lethal Performance

    Big shout out to Matt & Andrew @LethalPerformance. I bought my FTI torque converter from them on 2/19/2019. Just had it installed on July 18th, 2020 but there was clearance issues. Sent it back to FTI who refunded my $ & ordered a Circle D 5C from them for $93.52 out of pocket cost difference!
  4. Florida WTB bottom air box from 2018 + GT

    WTB bottom air box from 2018 + GT with snorkel or whole airbox. I don't need the intake tube.
  5. battery dead?

    Haven't driven my car much lately. I moved it yesterday to my driveway(sold home, was cleaning house after moving Saturday). Car started, turned over a little slow. Went in to start, the dash lights flash, car won't turn over. Dash said check charge system. I left it because of Mother's Day &...
  6. SCT X4 help

    I plugged in my SCT X4 to the laptop to get updates. SCT device updated said new software was available so downloaded it. Now my SCT X4 won't connect to my vehicle. It says it is married to my VIN. I am getting general error 11046 & 11047. I've been trying to call SCT tech support for hours...
  7. 2019 taxes complete

    ugg, just finished my taxes. paid in over $1,500 last year. more than double that this year. who's in the same boat? retired from Navy in 2016. 1099 my retirement pay. guess could be worse. Tricare retirement insurance is cheap. rant off!
  8. Cost for converter install

    Good morning. Ok I've had my FTI converter for awhile now but not installed(I know its in my sig). Finally saved enough to get it installed. My usual go to shop is busy for months (ugg) so called a local tranny specialist shop in area. Was quoted $1,000.00 for install (8 hours of labor). That...
  9. Free Magnaflow Tru X

    Free Magnaflow Tru X. Took it off my car this weekend. it is painted black (by me with hi temp paint) & you will have to have some piping put on it as the muffler shop cut it off a lil weird. I'm in Clay County.
  10. Steering Issue

    last week got in car, started it, started backing out of driveway, turn steering wheel slight right, get a strange sound. Like womp womp. This morning same thing but car didn't wont to turn was fighting me, then it turned perfect. To dark to out to check power steering fluid level. I don't know...
  11. Florida ZL1 Premium Front/Back Rock Guards, Blue Howler Badge, Black Splitter Rods

    ZL1 Premium S550 Front/Back Rock Guards. $60 shipped. Black adjustable Splitter Rods. $15 shipped Dark Blue Howler badge. $20 shipped.
  12. Florida JMS Launch Max & BL Fabrications Steering wheel button mount bracket

    brand new never opened the package JMS Launch Max with BL Fabrications right hand side steering wheel button mount bracket. $200.00 shipped.
  13. GT Farmuh Rear Fins

    Brand New Black Aluminum 6 piece Rear Fin Set for non-premium rear bumper/diffuser made by Farmuh.. MSRP is $299.00. Asking $175.00 shipped. I am in the Jacksonville, FL area if anyone wants them locally.
  14. Key Fob Battery

    Got in car this morning, got key battery low replace soon. Anyone know the part # for battery replacement? I am at work and can't take the fob apart to order. Thanks
  15. Tire/Wheel change setting

    Ok, I've decided to upgrade to different wheels/tires for my car. The rear will be wider with a beefier tire. I have a VMP tune that's set for the stock 19 tires. Can I change the size via the SCT4 without altering the tune? Do I need the TPMS reset tool? I am ordering the wheels with TPMS...
  16. MotorSport Tech Bad customer service

    I ordered a set of 23mm spacers on July 3rd for the rear of my car via paypal. I emailed them on the 13th to get a tracking #. Was told it takes 15 days to build/ship the spacers. I emailed them yesterday the 26th to cancel/refund my $. Was told they would do it with 25% coming off of due to...
  17. Rear seat delete

    Any good kits out there or a member that makes them?
  18. Ebay Caliper Covers

    Anyone install the Ebay plastic caliper covers that are $29.00? I'd post a link but its blocked on work network.
  19. tire size help needed

    I need to replace the factory Pirelli's on my car. What's the biggest size I can run in the rear? my car has the factory 19's on it, lowered 1 inch with the Steeda suspension. I was comtemplating getting new wheels with a staggeres setup but want to see what size can be on the factory wheel 1st.
  20. 2016 F150 Intake

    2016 F150 intake manifold. On my car for about 3 months or little longer. I swapped it out for an '18 intake on Sunday. Would prefer local sale as its huge & cost of shipping is not cheap. It is dirty and could use a clean up. The rear port has been plugged via a bolt. Increase the low end...