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  1. What type of speaker is this?

    lmk what you end up going with.. in case mine go out.
  2. What type of speaker is this?

    it's not from an authorized seller. so there wouldn't be a warranty
  3. What type of speaker is this?

    2 of Jl Audio C2-350x 3.5-Inch 2 Way Speakers
  4. What type of speaker is this?

    I'll sell you a pair of JL audio 3.5s to go in there. I bought a second pair to use one for the center speaker but my installer ended up unplugging it.
  5. Tunes that remove fake engine noise

    I use the unleashed tune with the SCT tuner. It did not remove the sounds. I feel like the noises come from 2 sources. There is a module here that is located in the rear headliner on hardtops and the map light area on convertibles. That introduces noises as the exhaust is hitting...
  6. So, I'm an idiot and crashed my '18 GT. Sell/Fix/jump out the window?

    Swap the motor into another car.. foxbody? :clap:
  7. Turbo Upgrade?

    what other bolt ons did you do before upgrading the turbo
  8. Senior S550 Owners Like Black Wheels?

    I'm not a senior yet, but i hate black wheels. I feel like the trend is beaten to death. I do however like the black wheels with machined face.
  9. Upgrade your Ecoboost Mustang to GT350-level power

    90whp Increase with the following mods: Aftermarket Intake, Full exhaust w/ high flow cats, Aftermarket Intercooler, PCV / Catch Can Upgrade and COBB Accessport
  10. Convertible audio upgrades

    With this device plugged in the aftermarket subwoofer generates sounds from the exhaust note. I still have the fake engine sounds.
  11. N. Carolina Caster/Camber Installers

    Is there a ford/mustang oriented speed shop in the RTP area?
  12. Best looking wheel option for Race Red S550?
  13. Convertible top maintenance

    Just take it to a detail guy. I had ceramic done to my paint. Had the top treated and the interior.
  14. North Carolina Roll Call!!!

  15. Convertible audio upgrades

    This is the device you need rip out of the area with the map lights. It has a red and black cable. I had to open up the box to unplug it. I didn't see where the other end of the cable connects to. If you don't remove this it will make your amp sound like shit.
  16. Convertible audio upgrades

    Dynomat your trunk.. it will make nothing rattle and it sounds soooo good.
  17. Convertible audio upgrades

    I just pulled some part from the map lights trying to get rid of the damn engine noise. I need to bring it back to the shop to have them look it over.