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  1. GT350 Used Gen 1 MGW Shifter

    Absolutely fantastic shifter. They only reason I'm letting it go is because I grabbed the new gen 2 version. This shifter never missed a beat on track and I really can't say enough about it. Hopefully another GT350 owner wants a heavily discounted shifter and will track it hard as well! Asking...
  2. Manual SRP Racing Pedals

    Never got around to using these so they're looking for a good home. Brand new, never installed, and have been sitting in their original boxes. The hexagonal set is a medium width and was an additional $50 for a total of $179 new. I'm asking $130 shipped for the hexagonal set. Let me know if you...
  3. California CorteX Racing S550 Bump Steer Kit

    I bought these as a precautionary measure but never ended up using them. They are fully sealed, brand new. Asking $160 shipped. Let me know if you have any questions!
  4. California 25mm Hub Hub Centric Wheel Spacers

    I've used these for several track days and they worked flawlessly. I moved up to 30mm so hopefully someone else can get use out of these. $60 shipped.
  5. California GT4 Mustang Hood Vent

    I bought this a while back from one of the motorsports teams. Cost to me was a little over $900 shipped. I never ended up using it so hopefully someone else can. No bolts came with this so you will have to find your own mounting solution. $500 shipped.
  6. Anderson Composites GT500 Hood for GT350

    Hey Everyone, I have some good news for you boosted folks and those like myself wanting to play with a Cobra Jet intake. I've been going back and forth with Anderson Composites over the last couple days about getting a GT500 offering for the GT350. I offered to reach out and collect interest...
  7. GT350R WTB: GT350R Rear Seat Delete

    I know it is a long shot, but I'm looking for a GT350r rear seat delete. If anyone has one or knows someone that has one for sale, I'm willing to drive up to 400 miles from Southern California to get it. I'd also be happy to pay to ship it. Thanks!
  8. Best all-out track springs

    Let me start by saying I am not concerned about ride quality whatsoever. What I would like, however, is to tighten up the feeling on turn-in and cut lap times. I've been reading any post on the subject I can find and far too often I read "it feels tighter" or other subjective observations. I'm...
  9. California GT350 OEM wheels and tires

    OEM GT350 wheels and tires with 3,300 miles. Wheels are flawless, Pilot Super Sports are in excellent condition having seen some spirited driving but absolutely no burnouts. No TPMS. Local sale (Southern California) unless you want to pay ridiculous shipping. Asking $1,200, but you're welcome to...
  10. Let's bring a new wheel to market: BBS FI-R

    Let me jump right into it. I went to the OC Festival of Speed this last weekend and had the opportunity to talk to BBS about the FI-R wheels. I was previously unfamiliar with these, probably because they are currently exclusive to Lamborghini, Audi, BMW, and Porsche. The development of these...
  11. 2019 GT350 Confirmed

    Pretty much as official as I think it can get. [ame=""]