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  1. aliexpress headlights for 17MY - bad idea?

    saw these, look good in theory should be good LED headlight, Tri bar etc. Everything made in China these days anyway... dunno. Anyone bought these / something like headlights from ali?
  2. You have to laugh - it's our fault our cars are easy to steal so because the car makers know even less about security than they know about making cars, it's up to owners to take extra steps to fix the inbuilt (in)security features of...
  3. um tyres... UK roads, daily driver kinda

    so finally the rear Kumhos are down to near enough the wear strip that i dont feel bad about changing the out soon but Michelin PS4 or PS4S? Not a daily driver as wfh (for the time being but needs the option for sure), no track time likely to be done just some road driving. Are the 4s's worth...
  4. Changing UK headlights 15-17 models to get OEM tribars

    hello all. So i believe the 18> have the tribars wired up and working like our American friends have which is super cool but us poor <18 owners are a bit stuffed. I've seen various modifications mostly involving cutting open the OEM lights and sticking in some LED strips but none of these are...
  5. Bathurst 1000km Supercars V8

    anyone else going to be watching it? I normally watch it as long as possible live but with a 1am-130am Sunday start (UK times) it's like watching the Superbowl back in the 80's when games ran on forever! Going to catch up on the practice so far. Need to grab me some Fosters for it, cannot get...
  6. Bluetooth obd Torque/ throttle percent WOT

    I'm using the Torque Pro app (android) and at foot on the floor I'm showing 89% throttle, does that sound about right? I know many cars don't show 100% ever but just wondering what other folks are seeing on their apps / cars :)
  7. Aussie Supercars V8 - paddle shift for gen 3 - good idea / bad idea

    just wondered what you think about the proposed move to a paddle shift with autoblip for downshifts. Supercars says it saves money on blown / worn engines through over revving on the current manual blip / downshift but the drivers say it'll take skill away from the driving and also reduce the...
  8. Bank holiday weekend

    Lets get out and enjoy the cars, let them er run a little. Anyone got nice plans for it (car wise)? I might find some curves to cut later in the weekend when the weather is supposed to better :sunglasses:
  9. narrowest garage door the s550 fits through

    er yeah. In practical terms what is the narrowest door opening this car fits through? I've seen 1985mm is the width of the car with mirrors retracted so call it 2metres but thats obviously scratching paintwork at that door width so whats the narrowest door folks regularly fit their car through...
  10. Washing microfibre cloths

    do you guys just chuck them in the washing machine and run a 40degC wash cycle no tabs no washing powder? I understand most cleaners will ruin the cloths and I suppose for the costs I could just buy new ones instead but seems an awful waste
  11. think i have the oil pressure sensor leak :(

    MY17 GT with 23k on the clock was looking at tidying some marks on the front of the car when I noticed a pool of dirty water / oil on the garage floor by the front passenger wheel (RHD) - had a look round (not got ramps) and it seems to be coming out at the oil filter area. Very thin fluid...
  12. Wanted: 4 x stock wheel nuts to replace locking nuts

    er thats it really. Want to remove the lock nuts on the car the now before they round themselves on for good. cheers A
  13. Radiator protect from stones

    hi folks, had a look at the bumper intake on the stang and noticed it's got a pretty wide lattice on the top half and naff all on the bottom half and the air con radiator is showing a number of large hits. What do you folks use to protect your radiators? I had some pvc mesh on my old mr2 and it...
  14. Underseal - garages recommended Central Scotland

    hi, as above looking to get my 17GT undersealed as well it hasn't got any. (read the posts on here, Ford doesn't seem like an option..) Would prefer Scotland based company but if an 800mile round trip to Oxford is my only option... best arrange some couch surfing with some friends haha