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  1. Potential GT350R buy.....good price?

    It's a good deal given the current market.
  2. Ever wonder how much the GT350 really weights?

    Garagelogic's is accurate. My R weighed 18lb less with ~ 1/2 tank.
  3. GT350 Front Sway Bar

    13.7A "Substitution, addition, or removal of a single anti-roll bar and supporting hardware (brackets, endlinks, bushings, etc.) is permitted. The use of any bushing material is permitted. A bushing may be implemented as a bear- ing."
  4. GT350 Front Sway Bar

    In street you are allowed to change one bar and the corresponding attachment hardware. Also keep in mind that aftermarket bars are ADJUSTABLE.
  5. BORLA® Exhaust for the GT350

    Videos like this are not much use to me. If you set up a camera about 50 feet away from the road and pass by it at WOT... :clap2:
  6. BORLA® Exhaust for the GT350

    Thanks for the clarification. Significantly louder is a no-go.
  7. BORLA® Exhaust for the GT350

    Could someone get a measured sound reading similar to a race track? The OEM R exhaust is really close to some track dB limits as is. I am interested in the exhaust, but I am worried about sound restrictions. :thumbsup:
  8. Clear Bra

    Costly, but I thought it was the best option to keep the OE matte stripe design. I had them remove the stripes, full front PPF, then install new stripes on top of the PPF.
  9. Who has taken delivery of a 17 GT350R?

    Ford's shipping strategy does not follow first in first out methodology. My R was shipped nearly 5 weeks after it was released from the plant. Whilst numerous other owners recieved their cars. You know I'm rooting for you FPC. I hope they get it out ASAP.
  10. Who has taken delivery of a 17 GT350R?

    But your R has a spoiler!!! :lol: (see listing on EBay).
  11. Who has taken delivery of a 17 GT350R?

    You mean two ®'s? ;)
  12. A GT350 for $69,995?

    Koons was buying GT350s from other dealerships; not sure if they still are. I'd search outside of the DMV if you do not want to pay an ADM.
  13. track pack splitter part number

    R tax. A small piece of R striping is more expensive than that non-R splitter. I get discouraging non R owners from cloning. I wish they had a better solution for those of us that actually want to drive our R's.
  14. Any 350 buyers getting a Focus RS?

    I considered buying an RS, but decided against it after I read Vorshlag's development thread.
  15. Used GT350 market

    I have a couple suspicions. 1. People have to have the new hotness. Once that excitement goes away, they move on. 2. People realized they need/want the coolers, so they are selling their 16 to get a 17.
  16. R owners question

    Good luck! I don't know exactly what the market is like anymore, but I bet Tomster is correct. I've been offered $75k-$90k for mine at events along the east coast.
  17. Order allocation and build, please help. Regional rep contact?

    How many regular GT350s did your dealer recieve?
  18. HR 100 has arrived but...

    They probably left the spacers in the rear.
  19. Question for guys running e85

    Cold start issues are very common and should be expected with E85.
  20. How long once your order is "Pulled"?

    1 1/2 to 3 months from build date.