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  1. Mustang S650 Design Previewed by ‘Progressive Energy In Strength’ Sculpture

    Aga again, it’s unfortunate that it just looks like the 2015 s550, but less sleek. Not new and nor progress. ‘’if this is indicative of where Mustang is going, then it looks to be going nowhere fast. ‘hopefully none of this represents the s650. otherwise we will see a sales repeat on this side...
  2. Mustang S650 Design Previewed by ‘Progressive Energy In Strength’ Sculpture

    agreed that newness is needed. but not any newness. The right kind of newness. yet that’s exactly the issue. There is nothing open or next level about this. It looks just like a Less sleek s550. What would really take the car to the next level is reinventing what a 2020s sports car can be...
  3. Mustang S650 Design Previewed by ‘Progressive Energy In Strength’ Sculpture

    The oversized grill thing is pretty lame design. It actually causes problems with aerodynamics and turbulence. There are other things that can be done with intercooler openings, etc. Great design happens when form follows function. Make a great PERFORMING design and form it aesthetically...
  4. Mustang S650 Design Previewed by ‘Progressive Energy In Strength’ Sculpture

    Oh heck no. Yet Another big slab faced Mustang? Just went through 15 years of that. Just looks like the S550 - which bears striking resemblance to the S197. Next please.
  5. New LT1 V8 trim for 2020 Camaro

    Bonehead move by GM. They announced they'd be doing this last year (or maybe it was a rumor). It's basically selling a cheaper SS. But. for 1.5k, would you really want to forgo the SS badge for a car literally called "v8 Camaro?" LOL If money was the issue, Camaro would have sold more off...
  6. Video: 2 Euro-spec Mach 1s testing at the 'Ring

    my his. It’s widely recognized as THE place to go to calibrate your suspension setup and yo judge the fruit of your labors.
  7. Video: 2 Euro-spec Mach 1s testing at the 'Ring

    Yes. You can hear it clearly.
  8. Video: 2 Euro-spec Mach 1s testing at the 'Ring

    Sorry. I was a bit distracted with that car in front of the Mustang at the beginning. The one that was floating so bad, it looked like it was a balsa wood boat in the middle of raging seas. The Mustang looked planted. Didn't appear to be really pushing it so much, but even the way the...
  9. Exclusive!! First look at the new Whipple 3.8L Gen 5 Whipple kit!!

    I’d gladly swap the hood for that blower. Whipped should collab with a body kit manufacturer for GT500 hoods modded to fit this.
  10. HP GT500 vs. Z51 C8 at VIR: MotorTrend/Randy Pobst

    Texas! Dang I miss TX. And the car looks awesome. Always liked the angular design. Wish they'd never changed the aesthetics. At least they kept the front on the ZL1. While I prefer the previous rear lights, they didn't do too bad with the new setup. the front though...
  11. HP GT500 vs. Z51 C8 at VIR: MotorTrend/Randy Pobst

    Have to agree. Ford went big on developing the Voodoo. GM paid attention, learned what they could and likely, with that starting point, improved on it. The displacement increase for one, is a big deal. It sounds awesome with a natural FPC firing order as well. You can tell the revs pick up...
  12. HP GT500 vs. Z51 C8 at VIR: MotorTrend/Randy Pobst

    That is a cool video. However, there are no such thing as official 'ring times. Manufacturers can do a lot of things to claim the time they want. Until such time as there is a standardized accounting for Nurburgring times, all the manufacturers claiming amazing times are "cool story bro"...
  13. Mach 1 vs GT500

    I think the misnomer is that you would never mod a gt5500. Of course you would! And that would be the route to go. But if you wanted something not so "precious" to tinker with, you'd go GT or Mach 1. I'd go GT for price and looks, then mod drivetrain and suspension.
  14. Jim Farley to Take Over as Ford CEO & President Effective October 1st, Jim Hackett to Retire

    This is great news. A great many are breathing a sigh of relief. Hackett isn't a bad guy. But he should never ever have been the CEO of a vehicle company. Especially one with the enthusiast heritage that Ford has. Farley was a Toyota guy, but then a Ford guy and has been with Ford through the...
  15. 2021 Mach 1 Logo - How the Ford Graphics Team Modernized A Classic

    it’s the same Word mark logo. Just hacked off the slab serifs.
  16. Well.... I'm back in a Mustang. Its a Black Beauty 2020 GT500

    ‘and what a way to get back in the saddle! congrats!
  17. Shelby SE is out!

    Wow. For the first time in a while, I love what SA did here.
  18. 2021+ GT500R (KR) ?

    It’s not the R or KR, regardless of what one magazine tried really hard to push. If it was, they would DEFINITELY have called it that. It’s not. so they didn’t. they were dropping some hints not long ago about a higher end gt500 with a historic designation. That would be the KR. BEEN QUIET...