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  1. Ngauge- need help

    Thanks! I'm going to try tonight. -J
  2. Ngauge- need help

    tried to read but Got this - failed.
  3. Ngauge- need help

    Thanks. The tiny SD card was already in a very tiny slot and I mistook the adapter as the SD to insert. I am doing mine through palm beach. Your instructions have been very helpful. Thanks! -RJ
  4. Ngauge- need help

    Thanks. It did not. I have to email it back. They got my questionnaire
  5. Ngauge- need help

    got my first Ngauge and so far not happy. It’s not very intuitive. No directions and very little help online. I’m putting way too mush time in this. Took 20 minutes to find the SD card. Do you turn the car on when plugging in? video says to find car and GT500 is not in the list. Do I pick...
  6. GT500 sightings

    I saw 2 at a car meetup earlier in summer. None on the road in VA. Saw a few C8s.
  7. Are you ready to take your 2020 GT500 to the next level? Look inside!

    When is the Vet's Day sale? I want CAI and PB tune. -J
  8. 2020 GT 500 fairing better than the C8

    I like the early history of the Vette. Always considered it muscle or touring. I don't like exotic for it. Looks nothing like a Vette now. Just a sports car.
  9. GT500 CV boot issue

    All, I recently got new wheels and the tech noticed the CV boot (rear) was cracked. He mentioned seeing a couple already on new 500s. So glad he caught it. When taking it in they could not remove it so a they ordered a whole new axle. Be sure to take a look. "When a CV boot cracks or tears...
  10. Magnetic GT500 pictures

    New shoes! Feeling great.
  11. Rapid Red Metallic GT500 pictures

    You all must have the latest and greatest iPhone camera for pictures. lol
  12. Mach 1 performance “very very close to the GT500”

    I'm certainly going to test that theory on the road.
  13. 2021 GT500 colors

    1 year run on Magnetic. Wonder if there is future value in that.
  14. Wonky back-up camera

    Camera bad. tagging.
  15. Lead on 2020 GT500 (SB) - Minimal ADM

    Midwest (asking) 5K ADM 5K deposit. December delivery PM me. PS. I have copy of order sheet.
  16. Raceseng Tow Hook for the GT500

    Oh, yes. Can't flip red because buffer pad. I do like the chrome as I've changed to chrome wheels. I don't think the black will stand out with black bumper IMO. I have RED SHELBY letters and GT500. trying to not add to much busy to it.
  17. Raceseng Tow Hook for the GT500

    Thoughts on comparison. -J
  18. Selling my 2020 base model GT500

    Are the stripes Big Worm graphics? Is it gray or silver. I might put on my mine with edge red.
  19. 2021 order bank open?

    is the Vert going to be in 2021?
  20. Ford... What is your problem? GT500 owners, you need to read these quality control issues...

    New 500 owners, I recently got new wheels and the Dealer Tech noticed a broken CV boot by the rear tire. He said he has seen a few now. I have an appt. next week to get a full look over and order new parts. Inspect the underneath and behind the wheels. I'll post pics and details soon. -J