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  1. DavisCustoms

    Engine Bay Mods

    that would look sweet with everything wrapped in gold heat foil, especially if you had a black Mustang or on that 2015 Apollo Charity Mustang Imagine walking by an open engine bay covered in gold heat foil in the bright sun at a show.
  2. DavisCustoms

    Report: GT500 Predator V8 Coming As Crate Engine

    R&T article Ford Authority article
  3. DavisCustoms

    Just Moved to Fort Myers

    Stay away from Gateway, they are strict as hell, you cannot park on grass, cant park on the side of the street, cant paint your house certain colors, basically Gateway is a PITA when it comes to HOAs, my wifes Aunt and Uncle finally sold their house in Gateway after trying to sell it for almost...
  4. DavisCustoms

    Just Moved to Fort Myers

    Scratch Gateway area and most of Cape Coral (city has too many damn stupid laws) off your short list. North Lehigh, East Fort Myers (Shores), Alva, Olga and the Buckingham area is more rural with relaxed neighbors. what areas did you already have in mind?
  5. DavisCustoms

    Just Moved to Fort Myers

    What are you needing to know? been in Fort Myers for 30+ years
  6. DavisCustoms

    Blue washer bottle cap

    I wanted mine to look different/cleaner but still "look" stock unless you already knew it was supposed to be Yellow or Black and cost was free as I already had a can of Black Plastic Dye one the shelf and with the dye, you can sand off the top layer after its cured to reveal the yellow design below
  7. DavisCustoms

    Blue washer bottle cap

    or you can do like I did, just pop it off, spray it with a few coats of black plastic dye paint and it almost completely disappears
  8. DavisCustoms

    Headlights already looking foggy

    Right their with ya, as soon as I got the Mustang, I installed tinted ones from Big Worm Graphix on all the lenses
  9. DavisCustoms

    LOOKING FOR 50 Year Anniversary Chrome Window Trim (2015 Mustang)

    I believe the "Pony Package" chrome trim is the same as the 50Yr trim (actual quarter glass is of course different) 18 pony package pic for reference 19-20 Bullit trim is also chrome
  10. DavisCustoms

    Android headunit causing A/C modulation?

    If I remember correctly, when you make a call thru the Sync system, the car will reduce the a/c fan speed during the call to minimize wind noise on the call and returns the a/c to previous setting after the calls ends. Now with that being said, since you removed the Sync head unit and replaced...
  11. DavisCustoms

    Headlights already looking foggy

    the yellow/white hazing is actually the UV coating and a small amount of the plastic being worn away by harsh sunlight and road debris such as sand and rocks. (here in South Florida, the sun just eats away everything) So yes, the headlight protection film works wonders to keep new headlights...
  12. DavisCustoms

    Headlights already looking foggy

    the little kits for polishing headlights works great but...... they will not stay that way long unless you coat the headlight afterward with a UV sealer and I don't mean the $5-10 stuff either. you need a 2-part epoxy type sealer or a UV activated sealer and neither are cheap. the one I use is...
  13. DavisCustoms

    How to tighten Leather seating surfaces (or remove dents/wrinkles)

    Mods... Why not make this a sticky in the Cosmetic Upkeep section rather than bumping it every few months?
  14. DavisCustoms

    Quiet Exhaust

    that's the one we were originally looking at but since we are in the middle of adoption, we have to watch what we spend and the Borla/Ford Racing is a pretty penny. I'm thinking we may go with the CVF Y-pipe or I may just cut and weld up different mufflers and leave the rest stock
  15. DavisCustoms

    Quiet Exhaust

    When I was a Ford Tech, I installed several Borla exhaust systems and always loved how they sounded and were always great quality, and the Borla axle back with the black tips was my first choice... until the wife seen the price... and said no. hence checking with you all on other ideas.
  16. DavisCustoms

    Quiet Exhaust

    Thanks Blu-Pny I will sure look into the CVF Y-pipe, and @ $135, price isn't bad either. My biggest issue to to make sure there is zero drone in the cabin
  17. DavisCustoms

    Quiet Exhaust

    Of course there are dozens of threads on making the Ecoboost's exhaust louder... but what about just a little louder? (and yes I kick myself in the butt daily for not getting the active exhaust) Basically we use our 19 Eco for car shows and road trips, so we want to keep it quite as possible but...
  18. DavisCustoms

    Disabling Seat Belt Chime

    DO NOT DISABLE ANYTHING ON THE FEMALE PART OF THE SEAT BELT. PERIOD. the reason is the Mustang has "smart" airbags, it adjusts the airbag deployment based on seat position, approx weight, and whether the seat belt is buckled or not. (the weight sensor is more of checking for a small child or...
  19. DavisCustoms

    A Little COVID-19 Humor (No Politics Please!)

    Since I have been setting up users to work form home the last several days..... This is what i feel like.....
  20. DavisCustoms

    Fog light tint

    I didn't remove my 18+ fog lights when I installed mine from Big Worm. I just soaked everything in distilled water with a spray bottle, lined up the film the best i could with about 1/4" overhang, gently pushed the lens back away from the bumper ever so slightly then used a plastic fiber stick...