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  1. 16Kobra

    Do you ever think about getting Track Insurance

    Is one insurance company better than others? I am doing Daytona next weekend and typically use Lockton. Priced On Track and Hagerty to price shop and they are with $10-20 difference. Any Preference?
  2. 16Kobra

    Do you ever think about getting Track Insurance

    like JMN stated, new track attendance or high speed track, Insurance yes.
  3. 16Kobra

    Mustang Brake Recall

    Funny my left knee sucks...
  4. 16Kobra

    350R preferred over the CFTP??

    We tried that last year, you didnt like me in the chair watching you last year!!
  5. 16Kobra

    350R preferred over the CFTP??

    I think it will be great. When you run out of gas on the track, I will finally get to pass you!!!
  6. 16Kobra

    350R preferred over the CFTP??

    Sounds like my explanation of my 2007 GT500 and the 2019 GT350R
  7. 16Kobra

    GT500 Inserts

    Must be a Joisey thing...What Exit...:cwl: I lived there till I was 14, have no FOLKING clue what exit we were. Must have become a southerner upon crossing the Florida border.
  8. 16Kobra

    Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Jamie, On the plus side, you will not have to wait a year and half for SA to finish the wide body.
  9. 16Kobra

    I finally installed rear seats into my R

    in your own mind!!!!:lipssealed:
  10. 16Kobra

    I finally installed rear seats into my R

    Like I said on FB, do I really need to watch this???:cwl:
  11. 16Kobra

    Custom shift dial

    Nice, I think you and I ordered about the same time, but mine says GT350
  12. 16Kobra

    GT500 sightings

    Dont think so. Not sure if you have been out and about.
  13. 16Kobra

    GT500 sightings

    I am going to the Destin Hooters event on Sunday. Just FYI Ill be in my 2007 GT500
  14. 16Kobra

    GT500 sightings

    I just moved to Panama City a few weeks ago. Hope to meet up with you some time.
  15. 16Kobra

    GT500 sightings

    There are 4 in the local Orlando Mustang Club alone. Have seen many of them, they are a dime a dozen in the Central Fl area... :cwl:
  16. 16Kobra

    No 2020 GT500 warranty for track use?

    Maybe it is.... :giggle:
  17. 16Kobra

    Real spare tire for the 2020 GT500

    Really, Lug Wrench??? :crackup: I have one of these in my trailer, great option for changing tires...
  18. 16Kobra

    Good, Honest dealer to buy from in the Tampa Bay area?

    We purchased the wife's EB from Lyle at Brandon Ford. Great guy!!
  19. 16Kobra

    Mustang Clubs in Panama City?

    Yes, Bay Mustang was there. I met some of them the weekend we moved in. Good group. They are trying to recruit me. They kept telling me to come to the event, just did not want to polish the car after the move. There is always next year.
  20. 16Kobra

    What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Did nothing to mine, she is resting in the car trailer....:captain: