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  1. JRoman

    Gulf Coast Dream Cruise, 2/15/20 (Southwest Florida)

    Based on what I know, it sounds like it will be well attended. I will def be there with both of my rides. As of now, weather looks to be perfect also.
  2. JRoman

    Gulf Coast Dream Cruise, 2/15/20 (Southwest Florida)

    CALLING ALL CARS!!! Want to be part of the longest PARADE of CARS in SW Florida? The Dream Cruise starts at Rockstar (the Old Six Bends) Harley Davidson in Ft. Myers and will be Police Escorted for a memorable 13 mile Dream Cruise! Save the date, Saturday Feb 15th, 11am-5pm. If you love cars...
  3. JRoman

    Question about the 2015 "R"'s

    Carbon fiber grille? Who posts/proofreads these details? :crazy:
  4. JRoman

    Naples Fl - Cars on 5th

    Hey, bumper gap! @jwhite, congrats on the 500! Bummed I missed ya but next time for sure.
  5. JRoman

    Naples Fl - Cars on 5th

    I have been taking my 350R the last couple of years with the West Coast Muscle Car Club, which is the area you mentioned with the muscle cars. I am not attending this year but i have seen a ruby red GT500 here in town recently driving, always going the opposite way of me so not able to connect...
  6. JRoman

    Pre-Production 2017 GT350R Found For Sale

    And Harry again being a great resource for all of us here!! Kudos to you my friend and thank you!
  7. JRoman

    Hornet Green #001 2020 GT500

    Do those wheels have a green tint/color to them? Cant tell but the rear wheel looks either to have some green tint or green reflection from something close?
  8. JRoman

    My Dealer has GT350R in Stock

    Whats that market adjustment show?:sunglasses:
  9. JRoman

    2020 SHELBY GT500 ENGINE TEARDOWN + track & drag strip footage

    Can someone please take that vid and post it on their own YT channel? I dont wanna click.:frown:
  10. JRoman

    Custom Venom Color GT500 to be Raffled Off For JDRF

    Snagged 5 tix to have a horse in the race! :wink:
  11. JRoman

    Woodward Dream Cruise

    Works fine but not missing much. However I feel a lot better vids will pop during the weekend. One a few times I wish I still lived in the D.
  12. JRoman

    2020 GT500s Tearing Up The Arizona Canyons

    I thought i was the only that felt that way. Just say NO to clicks!
  13. JRoman

    What tire shine do you use?

    I swear by this: If you have heavy brake dust or a heavy build up between washes, you still might have to do a light wipe in the corners, etc but it will do 95% of the work on the wheels for you.
  14. JRoman

    Moving to Flordia

    Here is a good link which is updated frequently for events in the Naples/FM area.
  15. JRoman

    SW Florida Dream Cruise- Saturday April 13th

    BUMP....Event is this Saturday. I will be there with my TY 350R. If you see me around, please say hello or stop to chat.
  16. JRoman

    SW Florida Dream Cruise- Saturday April 13th

    I just wanted to pass on and inform everyone of the 1st Annual Southwest Florida Dream Cruise happening Saturday, April 13th from 9am-4pm in Estero, FL. This is an open event for all, not limited to certain cars, clubs, etc. The more the merrier. I want to stress that this is designed to be a...
  17. JRoman

    Grabber Lime GT500

    interesting i the only one feeling more candy apple green than lime?
  18. JRoman

    Black 2020 GT500 Mustang with Colored Emblem Spotted Testing in Dearborn

    At quick glance for me, the 350 looks like a snake with its fangs showing whereas the 500 looks like a snake with mouth wide open ready to strike.
  19. JRoman

    Iconic Silver Pics

    Are those stripes painted on? Cant tell, if so how do they look up close? TIA.