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  1. No 2020 GT500 warranty for track use?

    As I recall Nissan pulled a really cute one by recording the GT-Rs locations and having known tracks already logged into the system, so visiting them got your warranty vanquished. Subaru simply ghosted online forums and cancelled warranties for those who posted up about what they did 'last weekend'.
  2. History of the Mach 1

    Interesting color/stripe/interior combination.
  3. Grabber Yellow on GT500 spotted. Production of 2021's alongside 2020's?

    At least it actually looks like vintage Grabber Yellow.
  4. Here's the RHD Mach 1 Brochure from Ford Australia

    Must've been one really long bridge!?!:crazy::headbang:
  5. Here's the RHD Mach 1 Brochure from Ford Australia

    Hillarious that the rear shot of the '70 in the brochure is a Boss 302 and not a Mach 1. Oops, guys.
  6. History of the Mach 1

    Louvers and spoilers were not available on '69 Mach 1s (or Boss 429s), only available on the Boss 302. Magnums were Boss only for '69 or '70.
  7. Maisto 1:18 GT500 at Costco $15!

    Stopped by local store again last night. About 1/3 of what they had was gone and I could get to more of their stock. Picked up an orange Ford GT, but they only had one blue GT500 left. Never saw an orange or a green GT500, not a Gulf Ford GT.
  8. Maisto 1:18 GT500 at Costco $15!

    I never found the EB110 or the Veyron to be the most attractive cars on the planet, but I do like the looks of the Chiron.
  9. Maisto 1:18 GT500 at Costco $15!

    Seeing one firsthand at the Petersen museum was a breathtaking experience.
  10. Maisto 1:18 GT500 at Costco $15!

    MY local Costco had the blue GT500, but the Ford GT and green 500 were no wherre to be found. There was a ton of Ferrari FXXs, Bugatti Chirons (which I did pick up one) as well as Lambos, Jeeps and what appeared to be new Vettes. The way their cases are arrainged I'll check back wiht them...
  11. Report: Next gen S650 Mustang will have full 8 year life cycle

    Ford needs to find a good use for the platform since the Explorer and Aviator launches have been absolute failures. the only thing they're probably sold off that platform are police interceptors, and I haven't seen any of those around either.
  12. How do I disable front DRL's when engine off and accessory on?

    I don't know about these particular cars, but I know on previous models applying the parking brake turned them off.
  13. Baton Rouge S550s

    That's one of the things that made the show so popular last year, as well as the Houston MCA regional. Being inside during the worst of summer certainly has serious appeal.
  14. Baton Rouge S550s

    We had a lot of our local club ready to help park and show cars. Big hit.
  15. Baton Rouge S550s

    If anyone was planning on going to the Slammd and Cammd show, it has been cancelled as of yesterday.
  16. 2021 Mach 1 Mustang Prototype Spied on The Prowl?!

    Under the skin it hits a lot of the right buttons, but the graphics/wheels are a fail. Take the 5 spokes and at least machine the face, or paint it silver.Wrong badge for fender use. Hood graphic is 'groovy' in a 70s kind of way, but the lack of uniqueness in the actual hood is a miss.
  17. 2021 Mach 1 Mustang Prototype Spied on The Prowl?!

    More pics and info Autoweek also has a bigger gallery of photos. My first thought is...thud. They might have brought Bruce Lee to the movie premier, but they dressed him in jeans and a flannel shirt....
  18. 2021 Mach 1 Mustang Prototype Spied on The Prowl?!

    I figured it was appropriate in this instance. You know.... Because of... The... Antici.............. pation!
  19. 2021 Mach 1 Mustang Prototype Spied on The Prowl?!

    Let' s do the Time Warp, again...
  20. 2021 Mach 1 Mustang Prototype Spied on The Prowl?!

    It's astounding Time is fleeting Madness takes its toll But listen closely.. (Not for very much longer) I've got to keep control