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  1. 2020 GT350 Purchase Question

    Buy it drive it ENJOY IT I hAVE A 2020 GT 350 WITH 3,500 MILES ON IT, I LOVE IT
  2. GT350R Want to buy: 2020 GT350R

    Check James Ford in Half moon Bay Vs They had a heritage addition last time I checked
  3. Mustang GT Premium vs Mustang GT PP1

    Wouldnt it be a lot less hassle to just buy the Shelby And you get a lot more HP
  4. Who has installed the Gurney Flap for non track use?

    I was told it adds a lot of down force so not sure if that would slow the car down. I'm sure it was design for use on the track not the drag strip. I say put it on and let it rip. Take it off (its only a couple of screws) see if your time improves or slows you. The reason I say its designed for...
  5. BREITLING, ROLEX, TUDOR, OMEGA, anybody into high end watches?

    love my Breitling Areospace
  6. Who has installed the Gurney Flap for non track use?

    I put mine on the day I took my car home. I asked one of the Track Attack Instructors about this and he told me it cuts down on gas mileage since I don't care about that it's staying on it looks great
  7. GT350: Caveat Emptor

    Hey Rocketman I see you don't even own a Shelby So I guess you didn't appreciate the Kia comment sorry if I hurt your feelings
  8. SYNC 3 Navigation Map Update Available

    I did this yesterday box it came in says SYNC 3 map up grade
  9. GT350: Caveat Emptor

    If I believed everything I've read on Forum Pages and the internet I'd never buy anything I love my 2020 GT 350 No problems none If you want one buy it, if not the new Kia maybe for you
  10. SYNC 3 Navigation Map Update Available

    i used the USB drive, plugged it in went on a nice ride it took about 45 min
  11. Still waiting on a VIN # for my GT350R

    The car I ordered in Oct was never built Not sure why, but I had the same paperwork it shows it was ordered I hope you had better luck then I did If you want one find a dealer that has one and buy it Koons Ford in Florida seems to have a couple also Good Luck
  12. Still waiting on a VIN # for my GT350R

    Back in March when I bought mine he had 5 Gt 350's on his lot one Kona blue but I don't remember if it was an R For some reason they get a lot of Shelbys I had ordered mine in Oct 2019 Got tired of waiting so I bought the exact car that I had ordered from him I just got home from Track Attack...
  13. Any hope for the GT350 to continue in 2021 (Hear me out)

    just got home from Track Attack they told us the GT 350 is done
  14. Still waiting on a VIN # for my GT350R

    Not sure where you live but James Ford in Half-moon Bay has a 2020 GT350R on there lot
  15. It's official now... GT350 and GT350R production ends this Fall

    I've driven both thats why I have a Shelby
  16. Official GT350 Track Attack Attendance Thread

    My wife decided not to be my non driver When I called to cancel they quickly refunded my money I’ll be there on the 29