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    Report: GT500 Predator V8 Coming As Crate Engine

    The Hellephant was 30k.So...
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    Carbon fiber dash panel

    The optional carbon fiber dash panel, can it be bought thru Ford parts and installed on a car that didn't come with it ?
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    2021 Mach 1 wheels / specs

    Those "Handling Pack" wheels , look like they will be a pain to clean ! :frown:
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    Insect collection

    Shoulda sprayed PAM all over the front end before the drive ! :crackup::crackup:
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    Here's the 2021 Mach 1!!

    Read the article, The manual is the same gearbox as you'll get in a Shelby GT350.
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    Ford out GM in with FPC

    Sure wouldn't want to be the guy to say "We need to change sparkplugs" (On the GT40)
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    Shadow Black GT500 pictures

    Rapid Red stripes!
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    What have you done to your Bullitt lately?

    Have you noticed alot more interior noise ? Like tire road noise, exhaust etc ?
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    It's Cold In Flat Rock

    Its 87 and sunny (as usual ) here in AZ !
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    Why did Ford choose the GT350IM for the Bullitt?

    Cheap. Easy to get 20 HP from parts already designed and made.Its making more power, so , it works. You're answering your own question( CAI/TB/tune). Unless you want exact answers from Ford engineering.And I cant see the comparison that Car Craft did. Why not use a stock setup. How can you...
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    Lightning Blue R | Red Wheels | Fire or Flame?

    Ehh,More Hot Wheel car looking to me. Now those on a Black R, or Magnetic.....
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    2020 GT500s Tearing Up The Arizona Canyons

    Seeing the vid,after the post of " Tearing up the Arizona canyons ", yet its the cars "leaving" a parking lot/ pull over ?? Where is the "TEARING" part ? :facepalm:
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    Rock chips next to rear plate

    Chipnado :surprised:
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    2020 Shelby GT500 PRICING (MSRP/Invoice) Including Packages & Options

    PLUS tax, title, lic,doc fees,theres another 10k.( without ADM's) PLUS how about window tint, Xpel etc,extended warranty, Plus a nice bump in insurance for a 100k car.......
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    Update: 2019 Bullitt Mustang Order Banks Open, 480 Horsepower, Starts at $46,595 MSRP

    Dont look over here for one. $ 15,800 markup on GT350, Bullitt markup is already too high with "extras"...
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    The Down and Dirty ADM Thread

    Just went down to local dealer here, because their website says they have a GT350 R. Went down and see they have a new Bullitt and a GT350. ADM+ is 10,899 for the Bullitt, 15, 899 for the 350( pic is gone I dont know why..) No R anywhere. Hmm Buyer beware....
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    Who else ordered a 2019 GT350/GT350R

    Arghh. I'm going to look at a 2019 GT350R a local dealer has tomorrow. Jus wonderin the ADM.. Will post tmrw. According to their website, they have 1 R and 2 GT350"s.
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    Help Me Settle A Bet - FP350S Wheels

    If you want to show the wheel, on a race car (or "other") yes, the blue "works". I personally am not "fan" of black or red(unless its a bright red). As usually, you can't see the design of the wheel.
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    Picked up my new Bullitt from Glen Polk Ford in Gainsville

    Congrats! Local dealer sold theirs with a 10k markup !