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  1. Hellhorse vs Hellion vs Fathouse Fab

    If you look at the hellion kit with the filters on the tubes it positions them like half way up the block. I personally think buying a kit from a large company that has been building kits for years vs a one off shop is a no brainer. The only small time shop kit I would consider is Aldo weld.
  2. Florida DSS Half Shafts For Sale

    I will take the camber links if u still have them
  3. MT82 to Auto.

    Sorry for you loss. The thread above should have everything you need but I am happy to help if you need me. The engine harness has the transmission plug so you must change that one. Make sure you get the correct for your car. Coil packs changed late 2015 and performance pack cars have different...
  4. Hellion Street Sleeper // On3 owners; A Few Questions Please!

    2018 intake, hellion sleeper 62/66 jb turbos, e85, 15-16psi.
  5. Florida DSS Half Shafts For Sale

    I am interested in camber arms. PM me if you have them.
  6. South Carolina FP Tie-Down Hooks

    I will take these. PM me your paypal account and I will pay you.
  7. Hellion Street Sleeper // On3 owners; A Few Questions Please!

    I am anxious to hear how you like it. I don't think water is an issue with the low mount kits but I doubt most people with twin turbo coyotes drive them in the rain much. What turbos did you go with? Seems like the hood exit makes the kit much simpler. The hardest part of the top mount kit is...
  8. Hoosier Drag Bracket Radial 28 x 10.50R17 vs MT ET Street R 305/45/17

    Did you data log both runs? Was the DA similar? I don't see the tires taking 4MPH. I think the people you talked to about it were talking out there ass and it was certainly a subjective opinion at best. The broken parts are hard to deny though.
  9. Hellion Street Sleeper // On3 owners; A Few Questions Please!

    I went through the same decision about a year ago and I decided to go with the Hellion kit because I felt the customer support and quality of the kit made the higher price bearable. From a performance standpoint I think all kits will perform great. From a heat standpoint I would much prefer to...
  10. TT Install HELP - Passenger Cat Pipe Bolt Removal

    Glad you got it but you don't need to remove anything to get to it from the top unless the 2019 is different from the 2015.
  11. Air to Air IATs

    On a paxton and my buddys d1sc pro charger we both saw around 150-155 at the end of a 1/4 pass on a 90ish day.
  12. MT82 to 6R80 Swap

    Is the valvebody strategy from a 15-17 car? The 15-17 PCM will give you issues adding 11-14 strategy.
  13. 2nd gen coyote catch can / open atmosphere tank

    I have an open can I bought off ebay and mounted in my fender well. I have a post in here about it. I went with large lines but after pulling the valve covers off I realized that large lines are pointless because there are very small holes in there to vent fumes. I bought the fatfab fittings for...
  14. Best Connecting Rods money can buy for 1500 RWHP

    At 1500 RWHP you will find weak points all over the car. I would look at the weight of the rods too. The boost line rods are very heavy. Seems like a heavier rod would stress the crank more.
  15. 1000HP MMR Forged H beam connecting rods for all 2011-2020 Ford 5.0 Coyote

    Are you planning to build the motor yourself? Did you hurt your stock motor?
  16. 1000HP MMR Forged H beam connecting rods for all 2011-2020 Ford 5.0 Coyote

    What piston and rings would you recommend to go with these rods in a non sleeved 2015 GT with twin turbos? I would like to keep stock bore and compression ratio.
  17. Budget 2018 twin turbo GT build--Under $5k including fuel upgrades

    The oil is fed from the pressure sensor port and road racing would not have any impact on this unless the pickup is exposed in the pan which would also starve engine bearings. The oil fed is a non issue.
  18. Think I'm going to go fuel system E85

    That makes more sense. I would go e85 and just run a 3.48 pulley and no waste gate.
  19. Think I'm going to go fuel system E85

    I think going E85 is a good option because it burns cooler and race gas cost does add up. It seems like you were living on the edge running the 3.33 with only two gallons per tank of 110. I thought the vortech JT was about the same as the paxton 2200SL but it must have a different step up...