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  1. jvandy50

    Well that didn't last long. 2020 GT350R DEAD

    to add to @Cobra Jet concerning the extended warranty, i chose the 7yr/100k add on and it STILL did not persuade any buyers to bite(i really thought this would ease folks minds). it is just a red flag that most simply do not want to deal with. the same people that are incorrectly installing...
  2. jvandy50

    Well that didn't last long. 2020 GT350R DEAD

    have you tried to sell a car with a replacement motor in it? there is absolutely value lost.
  3. jvandy50

    1st Blown Modified Engine?

    another grabber lime down...which tuner had this one?
  4. jvandy50

    Lincoln version of the GT500?

    I’d hit it
  5. jvandy50

    Well that didn't last long. 2020 GT350R DEAD

    I can’t believe you made it 6 pages and no one has blamed you not checking your oil yet... (i know it only had 130mi, it’s just the usual goto...driver error)
  6. jvandy50

    Tough decision, need guidance

    I’ve had both, what did he say that was inaccurate in anyway?
  7. jvandy50

    Ford is spying on you and sharing your personal information

    why bother replying at all if you don't think it's a big deal? i can't imagine many here would want their driving metrics turned into their insurance company. i'd be fawked. 911 operator checking on me when my airbags have deployed = cool insurance going up because i chose to hit 115 while...
  8. jvandy50

    Which supercharger would require more gas and kill mileage?

    I'd use two turbos and an ecoboost emblem for the max mpgs
  9. jvandy50

    High number of 2016 GT350s on the market with California lemon brand title?

    Could’ve simply been a time limit, 3 tries to fix same issue or over 30 days to fix 1 issue can qualify in some states. My voodoo took 6 weeks to arrive at the dealer...if there’s a 30 day time limit of the dealer having your car, it’d have been a lemon. (They were smart and didn’t keep it...
  10. jvandy50

    Delete thread please. Already over it

    we Finally got one here and i know most of them on a first name basis now lol, they’re awesome. I was kind of surprised how good they were from a customer service standpoint, being such a huge’s usually the opposite in my experience. OP, glad you decided to let it be.
  11. jvandy50

    No 2020 GT500 warranty for track use?

    i've seen a few posts of the SS1LE on a flat bed going straight from the track to the dealer for a new motor. also the ZLE, as long as you switch to appropriate 15w-50 oil for track time, is also covered. they did put a huge bog on the manual ZL1s so you can't shock the hell out of the drive...
  12. jvandy50

    SavageGeese's 2020 GT500 in-depth review "Where does it end?"

    His videos are so good I’ll watch them about cars I don’t even care about. Never seen him this positive, must be a hell of a ride!
  13. jvandy50

    No 2020 GT500 warranty for track use?

    It’s called a ‘performance data recorder’ and it is an option. So maybe you can’t get that data from the car without it, I’m not really sure. My guess would be if they wanted to, they could find many of those values though. These cars are designed to keep you in check at all times, with that...
  14. jvandy50

    No 2020 GT500 warranty for track use?

    This doesn’t help you guys much since I’m currently in a camaro, but I got into my data recorder after my last track day...and holy hell you could spend days in there. min/max tire temps, coolant temp, tire pressure, oil pressure, oil temp, tranny temp, boost, lateral g, you get the idea. This...
  15. jvandy50

    Speed Phenom is selling his GT500 CFTP...

    i suppose he could've just hit his acceptable limit, i just would've liked to see him try another tire, make adjustments, etc...before making a somewhat whiny video about a car he's been oohing and ahhing over for months. and you're right, physics is gonna win every time. edit: couldn't get...
  16. jvandy50

    Speed Phenom is selling his GT500 CFTP...

    lol that would be nice! i have no problem with him making money. i wasn't exactly clear in my post, but was more so saying it was 'unfortunate' because if these guys aren't dramatic in their video titles then i guess they don't get clicks. i would be zero surprised if the next video was...
  17. jvandy50

    Speed Phenom is selling his GT500 CFTP...

    I can understand the expense part can be a little surprising and it does add up quick...but he has 3 track cars right?? He knew this was coming with the added weight and power. I mean I came home from my last track day thinking about miatas and C5s. Unfortunately, the video did exactly what...
  18. jvandy50

    Looking at buying a GT350. I need your input guys.

    I’m not 100% on that as i only have experience with the 16GT, but i know i had to be shifting out of 1st a lot sooner than i did in my 350...both had 3.73 rear end
  19. jvandy50

    Looking at buying a GT350. I need your input guys.

    I also agree with looking at the years in the order @Tomster laid out. I had a not so good experience with my 17 and the Ford dealer, but i still keep an eye on them...would love to have an R with a whipple, if it were trackable. As far as the trannies go, i had a FBO/E85 16GTPP and to me it...
  20. jvandy50

    Warm start issues

    It will not let me pull it up either, possibly something to do with the update?