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  1. For the guys with too much money to spend.

    Yeah not far from GT3 prices
  2. How common is rodent wire damage?

    Push them away: Peppermint spearmint essential oils Moth balls in a thin sock Homemade pepper spray kill the problem around your house. Get a rodent box but place it away from your vehicle. Cats help.
  3. COVID-19 Question.....................

    How about some corona discounts.....this thing could go on for a while....
  4. $9500 for 95 SVT Cobra?

    Offer 5 hunnit or ask for a warranty that includes a 363 long block replacement with low compression pistons.
  5. Evolution/Lund go [email protected]

    That’s going to roll mid 8’s if they get the TCM hacked
  6. mustang junkyards

    Pick a parts usually separate jeeps, stangs, etc. call and search online
  7. Photo Delivery Blog 2020 GT350R

    Do you think the improperly installed wiring harness had anything to do with engine failure?
  8. Car is dead - Need help

    Did you check the fuses to the PS system? All bad battery can definitely create some funky scenarios
  9. So, I Bought Joey Hand's GT500

    The car has great curves!
  10. S650 Mustang launches in 2022 as 2023MY reveals Ford Linkedin post

    I’m not a rumor person. Could we see a lighter steel or aluminum body? Could a hybrid and electric bring AWD? I’ve heard rumors from decently reputable people the S650 will be 200-300lbs lighter than current model in gas only form, or at least one variation of the car will be light weighted...
  11. 2020 GT500 First Engine Issue ROD KNOCK

    I’d laugh if it was a loose exhaust manifold but it’s knocking on heavens door for sure! Had to relisten
  12. 2020 GT500 First Engine Issue ROD KNOCK

    Valve retaining clip break? It’s possible. Some people get that one in a million new failure. I’ll take that engine if they want to part with it.
  13. Cammisa and Pobst go for it in GT500 vs GT3 (and Challenger, Ferrari)

    Let’s see an experienced Nurburgring driver practice a few weeks with a GT500 CFTP car.
  14. First GT500 in the 9s

    Traction limiting in the DCT.
  15. GT 500 internals

    Try researching first....????
  16. V00D00's IconicGT500

    That is hauling ass. Could any non exotic factory car or near factory car run mid 10’s back in the late 90’s? I remember that being a goal for modded, then 9’s, and now what, are we shooting for 8’s?
  17. 2019 GT350R

    That’s the way she goes, sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t, way she freckin goes!
  18. Lund Racing cracks 800rwhp with their 2020 GT500

    Impressive getting past 900 crank horsepower without a pulley. Full exhaust and pulley will be pushing 1000 HP at the crank. I remember when it was a big deal to get the Terminators past 500whp with a pulley.
  19. Anyone looking for a 2018 GT350 track car - $23.5k

    Would be a nice Factory Five donor.
  20. More 2020 GT500s delivered!

    Give us 9 second hero run without tune!