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  1. SoulHunter91

    PP2 Front Splitter Install on a PP1

    Looks like it requires amount of work there. I went cheap and got replica PP2 splitter from amazon. All I did was aligning it with upper lip and using 22 self tapping screws. No disassembling :like:
  2. SoulHunter91

    21MY Ecoboost HPP vs GT Performance Pack + Magneride

    I was in same situation as you are right now. End up getting Eco HPP. I drove 2015 GT before so if you want me to tell you the truth. Eco HPP is way slower than GT. If you like tracking your car and love powerful V8 sound, get gt or you will reget 😅. I do enjoy my HPP but miss V8 sound. I love...
  3. SoulHunter91

    Dealer used incorrect engine oil

    Hi guys Not sure if this is correct place to ask but I just got first oil change for my High Performance Ecoboost today. I did ask service advisor about engine oil when I made appointment and he said whatever it says on oil cap which is 5W50. After I got home, I checked the paperwork and it said...
  4. SoulHunter91

    Adding PP2 Splitter to PP1 car
  5. SoulHunter91

    Rattling sound after 4th service, only on cold start and on the move

    If you are 100% sure the noise is not from engine, you can check the area near radiator fans. See if any cables or something stuck on the blades. Check all hose connection.
  6. SoulHunter91

    Rock chips in front of rear wheel. Suggestions.

    Not really. Every car nowadays has rock chip issue, not just Ford. There is no such a paint that can take a hit from 30+mph flying rock. And we have wide tires sticking out 🙃
  7. SoulHunter91

    On the drive.

    Garage is taken by 2 Tesla cars. No choice
  8. SoulHunter91

    Whine noise when reversing

    Hey guys. As the tile says, my 2020 mustang with 2500 miles makes whine noise when i reverse. I can hear it either windows are down or up. Is it normal? thanks
  9. SoulHunter91

    Adding PP2 Splitter to PP1 car

    Whatttt??? you paid around $700 in total for a piece of plastic :shock: . For hardware you can get from lowes or home depot. I got this replica PP2 piece for $130 and installed myself. Look exactly like OEM one.
  10. SoulHunter91

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Install replica PP2 splitter and Roush rear valance. Looks little more aggressive now
  11. SoulHunter91

    Ford/NHTSA Brake recall - anyone got it done?

    I believe Ford starts sending out notice to owners by Nov 16. I don’t think dealer can fix it for you before that day.
  12. SoulHunter91

    Setting MagneRide Independently

    You are correct about exhaust mode. However for car with magneride, you cannot change steering mode independently in any driving mode except normal. As pics below, im in sport+, i can change exhaust to track but when i toggle steering switch, i get the message.
  13. SoulHunter91

    Setting MagneRide Independently

    Yup. Its even worse when you cannot change steering mode neither. Daily driving in sport+ mode but can’t change steering to normal or comfort when parking or taking u-turn :facepalm:
  14. SoulHunter91

    Car jerked. Any damage?

    Hello guys, I was driving last night around 30mph at 4th gear (10 speed transmission) and I accidently pressed paddle shift twice. First it shifted down to 2nd gear then to 1st gear. As soon as I depressed gas pedal, my car jerked and It felt like I suddenly brake. After that, I saw car shifts...
  15. SoulHunter91

    What do you think of those defects?

    I cannot speak for the first 3 pics. But i got same issue on rear spoiler. It happens when Ford drills holes on trunk lid. That causes paint to crack around hole and they are lazy to touch it up before installing spoiler. I just bought touchup pen and filled it.
  16. SoulHunter91

    Head Gasket Leak?

    Hi guys, I'm new to mustang and my car has only 2k miles. I notice that the coolant in reservoir is bubbling when engine is on. Is this a sign of head gasket leak? I checked oil and it's not milky. Or I'm thinking too much :frown: Thanks.
  17. SoulHunter91

    What is this?

    Ecoboost high performance. Yea its weird that oil filter has no Motocraft label. Just plain grey color
  18. SoulHunter91

    What is this?

    Thanks guys.
  19. SoulHunter91

    What is this?

    Hi guys. I have noobie question. I took wheels off for caliper paint and i notice this thing mounted on k member and not connected to anything. Only on driver side. So what is this for?
  20. SoulHunter91

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Spent Saturday to paint calipers