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  1. Randy M

    Have there been any confirmed cases of GT350R ecxessive oil consumption

    Although there may be collusion here between Ford and various fan boys masquerading as having blinders on.
  2. Randy M

    Have there been any confirmed cases of GT350R ecxessive oil consumption

    The ignore function is available to you.
  3. Randy M

    Have there been any confirmed cases of GT350R ecxessive oil consumption

    When my engine popped there was another GT350 with a failed engine at my dealer as well. There is (and will continue to be) a hell of a lot of denial from owners of GT350's where they have no current problems with their engines. Time will tell whether or not the engines in their cars will fail...
  4. Randy M

    Considering GT350 vs ZL1

    Spend some time on various threads such as the blown engine thread. You'll read plenty about oil consumption in nearly every thread here as well. There's a pretty well documented history that the FPC 5.2 might not be the most trusted engine in regard to reliability. I haven't heard of issues...
  5. Randy M

    Are You a Ford Guy?

    Fake news. Have you taken a look? I sold before the word was out too much about all of the engines crapping out and burning oil. It's what the car is known for now. First nail in the coffin was when Ford Performance stopped racing the 5.2 FPC. If the company doesn't have faith in the engine, well...
  6. Randy M

    Are You a Ford Guy?

    Mine is a manual. And that was a poor attempt to insult. Similar to the 5.2 FPC development. A poor attempt in creating a reliable engine.
  7. Randy M

    Did you buy a Shelby and now wish you bought a Mustang GT ?

    The GT might not equal the performance levels of the FPC 5.2 but the 5.0 has it beat in reliability no if ands or buts.
  8. Randy M

    Your thoughts on value...engine replacement

    If you're thinking about purchasing a GT350 with an engine replacement, you better get it for a deep discount. Most full time mechanics have a 5 gallon bucket of nuts and bolts right next to their roll cab tool boxes. Where do you think all that hardware comes from? And for me, if I were to see...
  9. Randy M

    What’s your plan when your warranty expires?

    My first one shit the bed. Ford replaced it then I sold the 2nd one before it did the same. Values will tank for GT350's once the warranty expires. Nobody wants to pony up for a potential engine disaster.
  10. Randy M

    Are You a Ford Guy?

    The insanity of actually purchasing a car w/ a flawed engine three times over? Now I see why one would be so defensive,
  11. Randy M

    Are You a Ford Guy?

    I was a Ford guy till my first GT350 shit the bed, then my 2nd one had basically the same crap quality as the 1st one. They're fun but I doubt many at all will be around in a decade as Ford just didn't produce these cars with reliability, quality and finish in mind. My 911 is a vastly better car...
  12. Randy M

    My 17R is having engine replaced

    How many FPC engines does Ford need to 'analyze'? Several thousand lol...:thumbsdown:
  13. Randy M

    Ticking and slight miss during idle

    Ford will tell you that the tick is 'normal' and will blow you off.
  14. Randy M

    Hybrid ceramic wax

    Thin paint on these cars need all the help they can get.
  15. Randy M

    Hybrid ceramic wax

    Getting some protection on the hood is probably the most important. The paint on both of mine were so thin that you could see the primer at certain angles. Especially with polarized sunglasses on.
  16. Randy M

    569 2018 Gt350s for sale on Car Gurus

    Both positive and negative experiences need to be aired, otherwise all we would have is a fan page.
  17. Randy M

    Any things to know specifically about 2016 GT350?

    Be aware of potentially egregious oil consumption, engine replacements, saggy rear bumper and other shoddy fit/finish issues. Mine was a '16 and the engine seized commuting home from work...
  18. Randy M

    569 2018 Gt350s for sale on Car Gurus

    There's nothing fictional about the issues the GT350 has. Sooner or later an admission will come out from Ford.
  19. Randy M

    569 2018 Gt350s for sale on Car Gurus

    Given all the problems that have been experienced by past, current, and most probably new owners of the GT350, the model is absolutely not worth the premium over the GT. My two Boss 302's were bulletproof in comparison.