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  1. Colorado 2017 Ford Shelby GT350R for sale-13500 miles $55K OBO

    Year: 2017 Make: Ford Model: Shelby GT350R Trim: Color: Black/White OTT stripes Transmission: Manual Mileage: 13500 Modifications: See below Additional Info: Engine replaced at 8700 miles under warranty with Gen2 motor PRICE: $55K OBO Contact: 3 oh 3-33 oh-1 seven 2 eight or PM me Car is...
  2. Thinking of selling my 2017 GT350R.

    I'm thinking a different direction. Something lighter with cheaper consumables.
  3. Thinking of selling my 2017 GT350R.

    I hate to do it, but I'm thinking it's time to sell the R. I want to gauge any interest on this forum and get some advice on pricing. I'd love to sell it to a forum member and not have to deal with the knuckleheads that come out of the woodwork on the prominent car sales sites or on...
  4. Oil overheating at track

    When I was at Mustang Roundup last year, one of the participants was just that much quicker than everyone else. I had a conversation with him about what he was doing different, and his data told him that keeping revs at or above 5K was optimal. So this is me trying to replicate that, though he...
  5. Oil overheating at track

    HB, I see your point re: 3rd vs 2nd, but the advantage you gain keeping revs at or above 5K in general, and corner exit speed in particular, is significant when doing a hot lap. I hate having to sacrifice RPMs when the whole point of this mill is winding it out.
  6. Oil overheating at track

    Interesting you say the M2. There were several at the BMW Club event last weekend, and I went out in a comp version as a passenger with a fellow instructor. We liked that the shorter wheelbase was more go-cart-like in turn-in, but my friend said he liked the GT350R better (he has driven mine.)...
  7. Oil overheating at track

    So maybe you should have led with your work with C&R instead of trolling. I really give zero f**ks. And I'm not a Ford or BMW fanboy, and never mentioned anything regarding BMW's. I choose the right tool for the job, and I'm questioning whether the GT350R is the right one. We'll leave it to...
  8. Oil overheating at track

    HB, Link below. The link to my OBD was off, so no RPM info, but I have the shift indicator set to 8K and I'm not short-shifting at all for hot laps. The altitude is also a factor in terms of overheating and less HP. when I took the car to Hastings in Nebraska (alt. 1900 vs 5000), it was like...
  9. Oil overheating at track

    Honestly, I don't understand this. Trolling a GT350 forum when you don't even own the car the forum is about and offering nothing helpful or productive seems a bit daft.
  10. Oil overheating at track

    That's the most likely root cause. I've not heard of anyone else's alternator failing. I'll see what the dealership says.
  11. Oil overheating at track

    I just completed a track weekend with BMW Club at High Plains Raceway. I ran several 30-minute sessions doing lead-follow instructing at lower RPMs as well as hot laps in the morning. The lead-follow temps were 270 at 98 degrees max air temp at 5000 feet elevation. The max oil temp during hot...
  12. Cooling fan does not kick on after shutting down the car

    I looked for a thread I saw addressing this but no joy...the cooling fans are not kicking on after a hot lap session at the track. I seem to recall a TSB or other fix for this listed here somewhere. Any help most appreciated.
  13. How do you make your GT350 stand out?

    We have quite a few GT350 owners on the front range that we see at the track. Pueblo Motorsports Park is also worth your time, it's a super-fun track. I'm doing an open lapping morning Friday at HPR. I'll also be at the BMW Club event in September and the NASA event in October. PM me if you...
  14. How about this for a true track tire....Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect

    Looks like a great track tire if cost is no option ($2050 for a set at Tire Rack) and you want to nail down tire pressures/performance metrics. However, if the focus is faster lap times, you can get Hoosier stickers for cheaper.
  15. How do you make your GT350 stand out?

    Nice! Space, don't think we've ever crossed paths at the track...what events do you attend?
  16. Shelby Pictures from Estes Park CO

    Frank and Brian, NASA Rocky Mountain will be at High Plains Raceway August 15-16. We have lots of GT350 owners that come out. PM me for details if you are interested. I'd love to see two Twister Orange GT350's at the track!
  17. Ford Extended Warranty cover track days?

    Racing=wheel-to-wheel racing to the finish line in a non-street-legal car with a roll cage, fire suppression, and all safety gear (fire-resistant suit, shoes, socks, gloves and a HANS device.) Obviously if you turn your GT350 into a race car, you void the warranty. If you are doing open...
  18. Official GT350/R Mustang Owners Registry

    Congrats! Beautiful color. Too bad your break-in period is not complete...NASA Rocky Mountain is at High Plains Raceway this weekend...
  19. Let's get serious about track tires for GT350

    Yup, I did the same, I'll be running them this weekend. A guy was crushing it at last year's Mustang Roundup at Hastings Motorsports Park with the Goodyears, though he was also a very good driver.
  20. Any Hunter Touchless tire mounting machines in the Denver area for R CF wheels?

    Hmm. Do you have a GT350R? Check. Have you had any experience with tire mounters on the front range? Nope. Do you live in Colorado? Nope. So, you failed to meet the criteria to be a person that might provide specific valuable input based on the requirements, and provided a Captain Obvious...