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  1. cosmic charlie

    Custom plates, let's see them!

    Yea, If I could put it on in Chinese I would! Although with my luck the first cop I would have to deal with would be Chinese! Back to thhe more numbers and letters the better!
  2. cosmic charlie

    Limited-Edition Shelby GT350, GT350R Heritage Edition Package

    FYI the place Stangmode got his GT500 has a GT350HEP sitting on the lot right now at Sheridan Ford in Delaware. They have a 10 grand ADM. Might be worth talking to on the ADM or wait it out and see what happpens...
  3. cosmic charlie

    Custom plates, let's see them!

    Maybe I’m just old. I used to think it was a good idea. Now they charge you more for one and after some thought the last thing I probably need is an easy to remember license plate. The more numbers and letters the better!
  4. cosmic charlie

    Master rear spoiler thread -- Post yours here!

    Ok it’s been a couple of months. What do you have? I’m sure I’m not the only one asking!
  5. cosmic charlie

    5k+ UPDATE - Steeda SMcQueen Suspension (Non-Magniride) 1k Review (w/images)

    Anything for a buck. Friggin amazing how low they will stoop. Same jerks that might sell you a GT500 at 10 grand over sticker!
  6. cosmic charlie

    when you open the door to your garage, what are you greeted with?

    Depends which garage I have a few. 1. 2 3 Like em all!
  7. cosmic charlie

    How Many Clicks On Your Parking Brake ?

    WD Pro I gotta say you are really into it. Did you buy this car just to take it apart? You certainly dive right into just about everything. Speaking of which any progress on the slip on exhaust tips you were working on?
  8. cosmic charlie

    Warning For South Floridians- Grieco Ford Fort Lauderdale

    I can appreciate it if you “can’t say anything else” To be honest though I know I would never agree to something like that after having to go as far as you did to even get anywhere. Hope all goes well going forward. Where you are I would go to Steeda for anything.
  9. cosmic charlie

    Steeda Bullitt Tune questions

    You might like to read this thread.
  10. cosmic charlie

    Need help buying supercharger

    If that is the route you want to go do it.
  11. cosmic charlie

    Thoughts on this 10R80 review?

    If you listened to dude you would be driving a 10 year old Toyota. He loves old Toyota’s and Lexus’s
  12. cosmic charlie

    How long did you want a Mustang before you got one and what did it take to make it possible?

    I waited 2 years! I graduated High School in 1980. Bought a brand new base model Escort when it came out. Had my eye on the new Mustang though. In 1983 they put the (can you believe I wanted it bad) 175 HP 5.0 in it. First it came with the 4 speed then the new 5 speed (that’s it had to have...
  13. cosmic charlie

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I would have to agree 100%. That looks awesome!
  14. cosmic charlie

    Any Good Driving Roads in FL?

    It’s either on or off ramps, or Sebring (as well as other tracks) other than that south of Orlando is pretty much a checkerboard. Although the roads are at least pretty smooth.
  15. cosmic charlie

    Warning For South Floridians- Grieco Ford Fort Lauderdale

    Yes. The same bozo’s! They are 15 minutes from me in Ma. and I have also talked to them down in Ft. Lauderdale.
  16. cosmic charlie

    Warning For South Floridians- Grieco Ford Fort Lauderdale

    Ye Yea they are also up in Ri. And Ma. Their reputation is far from stellar there too!
  17. cosmic charlie

    GT350 vs GT350R - Talk me out of an R

    If you plan on moving onto a new 350 it might as well be an “R”!