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  1. Which Kit is better? Stop the Hop or the Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit?

    I went with a mix of both in the rear of my car. First thing I installed was the Bmr cb005h rear cradle bushing lockout. And recently added the Steeda 555-4447 Rear Subframe Alignment Kit for the bmr kit These two parts (mostly bmr) gave a much better ride quality than stock. The wheel hop...
  2. NV - Las Vegas area fueling options?
  3. Nevada Fs 2019 Mustang GT PP1 6spd

    Feeler for my silver ignot 2019 gt 5.0 Asking $35,000 Performance Pack 1, 300a 6 speed manual transmission w/rev match Silver Ignot color Black interior 38,000 miles I have used this car as my around town and weekend car. Most drives are 1/4 to 1/2 tank. Not stop and go short commutes. Longest...
  4. Kansas Pp2 wheels

    Wish you were closer to Nevada
  5. J&M minimal drop springs over Koni str.t

    How are you liking this setup? I’m wondering about these springs and how the rates work as a all around street setup. I’m currently on bmr handling springs on fp dampers. Thinking about softening up my ride a bit
  6. 2023 Florida Special Edition GT

    Guess I don’t get this thread. With this line of thinking should a California edition have a extra set of cats(Incase thieves take the first set), no turn signals that work, navigation that keeps you in the fast lane on all multi lane highways, cost an extra 20% for the same car you can buy in...
  7. Nevada WTT 2018+ mbrp street exhaust for your stock exhaust

    Found one. Mods please delete this thread
  8. MBRP with Headers

    It will definitely be louder than the stock headers are with the long tubes. Not quite as loud as cat less would be though. You should try it and see if you like the sound. If you don’t you can get a magnaflow or vibrant resonators welded in to the exhaust and quite it down.
  9. Rokblokz - still the best splash/rock guard?

    Been really happy with my full set.
  10. Ford FR3A-M8A suspension. Did I get the wrong kit?!?

    I think that there are plenty of people who wish that Ford had used this track suspension package for the pp1 kit that was sold as a performance package. Add a rear subframe brace kit of your choice and you will be surprised on how well the car handles and hooks up.
  11. Best shift knob?

    I would suggest you try a weighted shift knob. I am using a raceseng knob currently. Only downside is that it is cold in the winter time here where I live because it is made from aluminum. Great solid feel to shifts and feels smoother after the install.
  12. California New Blank Rear Decklid - MP Concepts

    I purchased this from him on Saturday. Guessing he hasn’t had a chance to update the post. But it is sold.
  13. California New Blank Rear Decklid - MP Concepts

    I’m interested. Pm on the way.
  14. Those with Short Shifters

    I installed the steeda race short shifter on my car as my first mod to it. Not using any of the supplied springs to stiffen it up side to side. Added a weighted raceseng shift knob as well and it feels great now (great addition, expensive but worth it) Solid click into gear now with this setup...
  15. Suspension Help

    I would open the hood and looses the bolts holding the sway bar in to try and get it into position