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  1. MPSS- backordered on 295-35-19

    Will need to replace my MPSC2 this summer and wanted to try the MPSS. I don't track my car, but really wanted to keep the factory sizing and get a tire that might wear longer and ride better compared to the MPSC2. Anyone hear updates on the MPSS? Will these be restocked eventually or is this...
  2. Ford vs Ferrari

    GT350! Crude but I'm sure we all appreciate the Voodoo!
  3. What is your process for cleaning the Air Raid/FP Dry Air Filter?

    As the title says, what duration, process and cleaners do you use to clean your Ford Performance/Air Raid filter? Looking forward to keeping this clean for miles to come!
  4. De-sharkfin the 2020?

    Petty for sure, but I hate the look of the shark fin intenna on my 2020.. Has anyone figure a way to swap out the fin for the 2019 puck and still retain the radio? I assume the worst is that I would lose just the satalite radio or the factory GPS in the conversion? Would that be it?
  5. Shelby Floor mats upon delivery?

    Ladies and Gents, Any original GT350 owners out there? When you purchased the car from the dealer, I understand that the Shelby car cover was included, but were unique Shelby floor mats as well? I found the original dealer from CarFax and was able to secure my Shelby car cover in their parts...
  6. 3 weeks of ownership and the wins continue!

    Very happy guy.. It started out (win#1) trading my 2018 Mustang Gt in for a 2020 Shelby Gt350 about three weeks ago. The car was less than a year old and only had 1300 miles on the odometer. Still had a new car smell. Anyways, the car is fantastic and absoltute joy to own and drive. Already...
  7. Looking at a 2019 Gt350

    Purchased a 2018 Shadow black mustang gt last year before prices spun out of control on used cars. Car is paid off and love to cruise on the weekends. Intrigued lately by a Ruby Red Gt350 (gen 2) and potential intro and ownership into VooDoo. Just wanted thoughts and perspective from owners...