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  1. A/C buzzing noise... fixed

    Hey guys, I know many other members here had that AC annoying noise, the buzzing noise like a small supercharger or a chevy power steering lol... i had a $900 service quote to replace ac compressor, belts, recharge, etc. but a friend of mine, who is a service manager at a mechanic shop...
  2. what if your "E85" is not actually E85 but less.... no flextune

    switching this weekend to E85 on the car, PBD flex tune is only for +18 gt, so.... in case that my pump (jacksonville, fl) doesn't have a full E85 blend but 50, 75, idk pick a number... what will happen? what to do in that scenario?
  3. Florida 305/45/17 drag radials

    wanting to buy 2 305/45/17 drag radials... new or in very good condition... I can manage shipping if necessary . Local in Jacksonville, FL, willing to drive to nearby cities (daytona, orlando, gainesville, etc)
  4. Florida 2 17x9 cobra R replica wheels... perfect for weekend radials/slicks

    Hey guys, a coworker/friend wants to sell his 20" oem wheels, he just put new tires, he is asking $700 for all 4... no shipping. Wheels/tires are located in Jacksonville FL, we can do local or travel to nearby cities (st. augustine, daytona, etc) and I have 2 17x9 Cobra R replicas... they have...
  5. +18 IM swap and battery switch relocation????

    Hey guys i was chatting with someone from Hurricane Performance here in Jacksonville (Orange park actually) and they told me i need the battery switch relocate kit too in order to get my intake manifold/injectors swap (+18 IM on 15 gt and 47 lb injectors) this is the first time i see anything...
  6. Florida CMCV / IMRC harness for +18 IM

    selling this... tuner said they can tune with or without, but i decided to go with lockouts... so, i never use them... $50 including shipping with UPS (anywhere continental US) this is for the +18 IM swap on 15-17 GTs
  7. cat deletes and tune?

    quick noob question... installing cat deletes, do i have to tune the car? will the canned tune for LT headers on the sct x4 work? the reason why i ask is because i want to pull the trigger on the cat deletes right away... i'm buying a flex tune from PBD to pair with the new +18 IM, injectors...
  8. Florida WTB cat deletes 15-17 GT

    pretty easy... looking to buy cat deletes... MAK or any other good brand. For 15-17 GT
  9. another cat delete vs LT headers post... why?

    I know i know... another post about the same... but F it lol... i want to know your opinion about this... if you can have a good set of LT or the mak cat delete for almost the same price... what will you do and why? i know labor is more expensive for the LT... but if you had the chance on...
  10. Florida WTB - Steeda Strut Tower Brace spacers/lug nuts

    SOLVED... called steeda customer support.
  11. Florida looking for a +2018 gt intake manifold

    like the title says.... just looking for a +2018 GT intake manifold... i can handle the shipping with UPS...
  12. Florida Airaid Jr intake tube with K&N filter 15-17 GT

    Hello people, i just upgraded my intake and i wanna sell this one. i had this intake for around a year no issues, nothing wrong, just went for a bigger JLT intake. You don't need a tune for it. I couldn't remember my username when i was taken the pictures, i'll take a new one and update the...
  13. noob question about parts...

    Hi, noob question here... are the parts from the 2011-2014 gt compatible with the 2015???? being more specific... the cai. i'm a non-believer about real power gains from a cai, but they look good and sound good and you can find them used really cheap.