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  1. Ford speaks

    Ford Dealerships Fret Over 'Brutal' Changes Coming with Electric Vehicle Rollout By Andrew Jose June 29, 2022 at 2:53pm Car manufacturer The Ford Motor Company plans to change how it will sell electric vehicles. The changes have alarmed some dealers in the traditional franchise...
  2. Wheel House parts

    Was looking for a fastener, and learned the name is Radiator Wheel House Push-Type retainer. I have seen on occasions the Wheel House prefix for other parts. Does anyone know what type of parts or areas of the body qualifies to be on/in the Wheel House category? When did this term become a...
  3. GT Energy Suspension Polyurethane inserts

    First up Rear shifter to tunnel mount, Ford OEM marshmallow on the right. The left Ford OEM bracket with Energy Suspension Polyurethane insert. 40 bucks Next New in the box is, Energy Suspension Polyurethane insert for the Trans mount. 40 bucks Next forum compliance photo will ship @...
  4. A different kind of tool

    Hello all, The link below will allow you to check a URL to see if it is legit. self-explanatory when you open it.
  5. Battery and charging

    Was reading thru some topics, on a Ford CD. Not looking for any particulars, just board. Spot a large amount of information with regards to the battery & charging system. To say the least there is a lot going on there, quite a sophisticated design & its operation. That is one point, the...
  6. Big Daddy 90 years young Jan 14 2022 enjoy
  7. Georgia Quick Jack: model BL5000 SLX

    For sale: Quick Jack: model BL5000 SLX Purchased: 5-21-21 New condition, 4 times used Location: 30188 Asking: $ 950** Local pick up Send pm will provide phone # for questions
  8. Georgia Miller Digital Elite

    Like new asking 175, Auto dark
  9. Georgia True Fiber over flow tank cover

  10. Georgia CF coolant tank cover

    Trufiber, product, condition flawless .
  11. Anyone seeing this?

    Strange ?
  12. Rubber tires that look like Rubber

    No plastic tire look for my cars, another Jay Leno product exceeds expectations. :champagne: Cheers,
  13. After winter

    Everyone rolling the Mustangs out for that long awaited in the wind cruse. Spring glowing, all the color is fantastic. Looking at my black truck a new phase of spring announces itself. The yellow happy dust from the trees begins, GA it will last for a month. I'm curious what, or if other...
  14. Georgia WTB Blow Fish shifter bracket

    PM me please if you have one you wish to move Thanks
  15. WTB Blow Fish shifter bracket

    PM me please if you have one you wish to move Thanks
  16. So is the blowfish shifter bracket dead ?

    Officially declaring that to be a bummer.
  17. Georgia WTB;Blow Fish

    Blow Fish shifter bracket GT
  18. How smart is the car ?

    I wonder, if he NAV system is able to find and use an address from the phone contacts list ? If no, that would be a worthwhile upgrade. Far more usfull than the color change everyones loving so much <NOT
  19. Service Manuals

    Hello all, What is a good source, without breaking the bank. For a complete set of shop type manuals . By breaking the bank I mean more then 800 - 1200 bucks. I am familiar with the yearly subscription online service manuals, not what I'm looking for.. Thanks in advance