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  1. Power Pack 2 question

    Not sure, but on my 2015 it made a nice seat of the pants difference. You certainly should be making more power than stock. You said the same place, has the dyno changed at all?
  2. Shelby American Field Trip

    I went there in April, was a fun little trip to check out. Spent too much $$$ on Shelby swag though!
  3. Introducing Eruption Green

    I love it!
  4. 2022 Grabber Blue METALLIC in the sun!

    I think it looks great!
  5. Illiminated Sill Plates

    That looks soooo good, I'm going to have to do mine...Thanks I think!
  6. JL Audio Stealthbox and JL Evolution Speaker Install Complete

    Very nice, I plan to upgrade my 2015 here this summer.
  7. True 50th LE Ownership input

    I bought mine used so there are things that may have happened before me. (#1401 KB Auto) I have 47k miles on it. I don't drive it too hard but I don't baby it either. It is my daily driver. I had to replace the backup camera once, now there is a recall for them. No issues since. The cooling...
  8. Mustang GT4 Pics @ IMSA Daytona

    Thanks for posting!
  9. Interested in buying a 50 LE and gotta question.

    I love either color, I would get whatever you can find the best deal on. I wanted WW but found my KB local so that worked well for me.
  10. Replacement wheels

    What would be your price for them? Any idea on shipping costs?
  11. Tail lights

    My Driver side rear turn signal has just gone out on the middle light. By reading some threads it appears that I have to replace the whole unit, but ours are special and won't match any more. Anyone know if there is a way to fix these??
  12. Voodoo Swap In My 63.5 Falcon, almost done

    Beautiful and bad ass at the same time!
  13. Replacement wheels

    They do appear to have them. $333.95 each. I may have to bite the bullet and grab a set
  14. New owner of #1114

    Congrats! And welcome. There is also a group on Facebook if you are interested.
  15. New 2015 LE Video

    Great Job!
  16. Coil cover painting hack

    Looks Great!
  17. Replacement wheels

    That does look good, my wheels are not in good shape from the previous owner and being in Colorado weather now. I hope replacements become possible down the road.