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  1. PP2 Registry

    That's where I bought my '22 GT/CS. That's a small dealership lol
  2. Is this guy serious?

    I also "own" and "collect" things*. I don't just let them sit, so to speak. *while not on the scale of a GT500, it's a decent enough amount of money to most folks. But it's really not about the money, it's about the use, or lack there of.
  3. Is this guy serious?

    True I guess lol
  4. Is this guy serious?

    Wasn't the 2015 50th anniversary edition also Wimbleton White? *he say's its a 2020 exclusive color
  5. Is this guy serious?

    That partially falls on parenting. Not that kids will like everything you like, but you have to share the experience/passion.
  6. Is this guy serious?

    I don't get it. We recently had a '14 GT500 that only had 1,320ish miles. It stilled smelled new. I don't get not driving it. That's the damn point!
  7. High Performance Ecoboost vs Performance Pack GT

    Tbh, that’s why I stopped riding. Too many distracted drivers. Add in that people don’t really look for bikes to begin with.
  8. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I LOVE my Atlas Blue, but the gray is soooo clean* *Plus it's the PP package (and better wheels than the '21 :P)
  9. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    3 hour drive. Went down the interstate, got off a random exit and found my way back home.
  10. Ford Dealers Told To Prepare For A Brutal Future

    The Chevy/Cadillac store I work at doesn’t charge over MSRP for anything (Corvette, Escalade, Blackwing, Tahoe, etc). I wouldn’t work at a store that does.
  11. What tires come on a 2022 GT PP1?

    I don’t mind them either (I’ve had both tires before)
  12. What tires come on a 2022 GT PP1?

    P Zero’s
  13. White Stitching on California Special Headrest?

    Now I want to go check mine lol
  14. Cooled seats not great?

    My wife says the same thing. My question is, when‘s the last time they peed their pants to know 😂
  15. Cooled seats not great?

    I also have a ‘22 GT Premium (selling though) that has just the normal leather. It’s 100x better than in the GT/CS
  16. Cooled seats not great?

    They work better on the leather seats than the miko suede in the GT/CS