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  1. Supercar3/3R at

    all prices reflect USAA 25% membership benefit pricing. I'll bet you know someone who belongs to USAA. Unfortunately you can't waive the install, so have to eat it. Why do people keep buying Michelin PS4S? :) 315/30/r19 315/30/r19 305/30/r19
  2. NoVA / DC Metro Mach 1 ride-along

    Anyone with a M1 with Tremec that would be willing to offer a test drive of their car? Considering purchase. And not keen on driving 4hrs to @Mikepol2 in Pittsburg to sample the goods.
  3. Piscataway NJ shops?

    I'm going to drive to pick up an IRS assembly and would like to get a quick evaluation of the diff to validate condition. Anyone local and have a recommendation?
  4. Virginia WTB 3.73 (or 3.55) loaded differential

    preferably without a ton of miles on it. Can be either type of LSD.
  5. Matt's 100A purchase and build

    Back in 2019 I bought a Need4Green EB/PP1 and made some upgrades. Wagner Intercooler (MUST) Unleashed Tuning 93/E30 tune (MUST) Mishimoto oil cooler brake cooking ducts from Home Depot dryer vents Steeda/BMR chassis bits (MUST) Steeda pro-Active suspension (MEH) with progressive springs...
  6. Simple+Cheap Adjustable rear camber solution from Moog (K100411)

    So folks have no doubt seen the rear-camber arm 'lockout' sold by BMR and Steeda. Well, apparently Moog took one look at the problem and asked "how did these guys manage to MISS the glaringly obvious?" and came up with a $60 answer to everyone's royal PITA. It's a M12x1.75 bolt (admittedly...
  7. EcoBeast short-block

    shame the HPP engine isn't this in drag...
  8. OE Shock travel at rest

    Does anyone know how much shock travel is left with the car on it's wheels?
  9. Livernois finds 80HP/100TQ from the 2.3L ecoboost? (SEMA 2021)

    For the Ranger. granted it started with only 270/310 but seriously.
  10. Annual Goodyear Supercar 3/3R discount 30%

    It's back again. You have to be a USAA member. $1212 includes $76 install for SC3 in 305/30-R19 $1145 includes $76 install for SC3R in 305/30-R19 If anyone local to DC wants some and is not a member, drop me a line and I'll order them for you.
  11. Sequential transmission - EMCO EG46

    well, I guess I found my next transmission. The Mach1 can sit in the corner being all envious... Probably highly illegal for typical autocross classes. I'm surprised Brian hasn't mentioned it. What about it @TeeLew something worth looking at? I expect a...
  12. NACA/NASA -like hood graphics

    I think the Mach 1 hood sticker looks like ass and I really like the ones from the late 60's and early 70s. Without getting carried away too far I was playing with some color design and wonder what you folks think. This is the basic template. The color would follow the crease in the hood...
  13. Harrop oil cooler - Group Buy (99-AKIT14319)

    I got Harrop NA to give me a quote for their Kit Engine Oil Cooler LHD. Price is $765 at qty=5. Bigger discounts if we can get more. What about it guys? What do you think? It uses the Setrab 53-10751-01 which is a 40-60K BTU/hr which is comparable to 50-925-7612. A notable advantage over the...
  14. magnetic sheet as 'ppf'

    It was mentioned for number-plate purposes but wouldn't one use this material for paint protection on the hood, haunches and other 'splatter' locations? I could see needing to tape over the edge if applied to the leading edge of the hood lest the air lift it... Anyone tried it?
  15. Nissan's "new" Z/Z400 $35k or 40k with "sport" package? Puts pressure on the Mustang valuation I think. I hope it's more than just a warmed over 370 but given how cash-strapped ol' N is, that's probably expecting too much. My friend blew 3...
  16. How dealers are "ordering" them for inventory

    Supposedly only customer orders are being booked, right? Well one dealer near me has 2 (FJG, Orange) and 5 more on the way. For dealer inventory. How? They put their floor managers' names on them.
  17. surveilling the world Time to pull the #10 fuse guys. Ford Sync is not your friend.
  18. food I eat in/at/on my vehicle

    This thread is for @GMONSTAH so he can post his unending photo tribute to RED40-laced drinks identifying as tea, and @FreePenguin to wax philosophic about Costco hot-bar concoctions with passing resemblance to edible (not necessarily digestible) food-like substance. Extra points if you place...
  19. Foreign tire brands might be going up in price.

    If you're a fan of Nexan and Hankook, might want to secure your supply before enforcement action is enacted.
  20. Use your paddle-shifter A10 owners or Ford may well decide to 'cost optimize' them out

    See, this is the kind of rubbish that "connected cars" allow manufacturers to data-mine. Pulled your #10 fuse yet? Read all the way thru.