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  1. 5 New GT500 Stolen From the Flat Rock Plant. Leads Police on Car Chase
  2. 2021 mustang pp1 gt front seat

    The release on the back of my seat is not working the siding release does but it does not remember position any ideas thank you Joe
  3. I have a chance to get 4 - 12” race ramps

    I have 20” wheels and jacking rails .Is it reasonably possible to raise the car high enough to raise the tires 12” above you ground?
  4. Ford Mustang production stopped!

    I just heard on our local news that Ford motor co. stopped production of the mustang for this week .The chip shortages is still a real problem. Production should be able to restart again next week.
  5. Door scuffs

    Do you get door scuffs on your door panel from your shoe hitting it getting in and out? What is the best way to clean or remove mark’s from your interior door panel? Is there anything you can youse to protect this from happening
  6. 2022 mustang convertible?

    Have they built any 22 convertible or has anyone seen one yet? On a dealership lot or for them self? Thanks in advance!
  7. 2021 mustang gt 5.0 oil filter and oil

    I live in Michigan and was talking to the owner of the dealer ship and he asked about my car. I told him that I would be in to get the oil changed soon,and he informed me that they were having trouble getting the filter and the oil for the 5.0 engine . He said that if I could get it they would...
  8. Detroit autorama

    Did anyone go or take their mustang to the Detroit Autorama this weekend?
  9. What is the difference between a 2018 hood and a 2021

    I am looking at a clear plastic coating for my hood. The kit says 2018- 2020 will it work on my 2021 convertble .also is there a better place to purchase a clear plastic coating for my 2021 gt . Thanks In advance Joe
  10. Hood lift kit

    What is the best hood lift kit for a 2021 mustang gt convertble
  11. Witch rear end do you choose and why

    On the order form ther is a $795.00 extra for the 355 rear end with th A10 transmission! Is if worth it?
  12. TJ from steeda

    I was looking for the best and correct jacking rails for my mustang convertible. TJ from Steeda is a one of a kind person I can not begin to praise him for all that he did to help me get my jacking rails. I am truly grateful !!! Joe. Buy your parts from Steeda they are a company that wants to...
  13. Convertble jacking rails

    This question has probably been asked? Please excuse me but what is the best jacking rails for my 2021 mustang gt convertble? Where is the best place to purchase them
  14. Ford Pass

    How many of mustang and ford owners use there FordPass? It can tell you your air pressure, oil status,and if the car is in sleep mode. I also noticed that it told me that I have a recall?
  15. Did you buy your mustang for a collector car

    I purchased a new 2021 mustang gt convertble , I truly believe that I am planning on keeping this car as long as I can . Just wondering if any one else plans on keeping their s550 mustang as a collector car ?
  16. 2021 mustang gt grill

    What is the best way to clean the egg crate grill , I am having a problem clean the part of the grill that is solid and is not open threw the back? I realize that I am probably a little anal about my car , but I want to maintain it that best that I can. Thank you for your help in advance Joe.
  17. Rear inner wheel wells?

    Just wondering the rear wheel wells appears to be covered with some sort of carpet ! I am assuming that it is a sound dampening ? What is the best way to to keep them looking new .
  18. 2021 mustang gt premium caliper covers

    Has anyone purchased and installed caliper covers ? could you please post a picture of how they look ! Are you pleased with your purchase?
  19. Winter storage

    What do you do to store your mustang for winter storage . Do you start it periodically? What do you do with your battery? Do you put your car on jack stand ? Are you concerned with flat spots on your tires? Even in a garage do you need to be concerned about rodents ? Thanks so much for your help...
  20. Wheel torque

    I took off my wheels today for cleaning I torque them to 100 foot lbs what is the correct tor for a 2021 gt with 20” wheels