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  1. Help Me Pick Wheels!

    Thanks for everyone's input! I think I'm going to go with option 1 and do some brake upgrades with the money I saved.
  2. Help Me Pick Wheels!

    Thanks for the input! Honestly it seems like both are good options haha it just may come to down pricing. I could buy the sve's and then maybe do some brake upgrades or just buy the sm-10's...decisions decisions 🤔
  3. Help Me Pick Wheels!

    I live pretty close to PPIR so she'll probably see her fair share of track days. I've never done autocross, but I'll likely try it this summer. Now that you mention it putting DR's on wheels i plan to take to the track seems kind of silly.
  4. Help Me Pick Wheels!

    I know! The amount of brake dust from the oem pads is ridiculous. I'm going to be switching to carbon ceramic pads in the near future to remedy that problem. thats the only readon I'm considering the mach wheels!
  5. Help Me Pick Wheels!

    Thank for your input. Personally I'm not a fan of the way 20's look on these cars. I also like a little bit more sidewall on my set ups. I normally wouldn't run reps either, but from my research these replicas are actually better quality than oem. They're significantly lighter and also rotary...
  6. Help Me Pick Wheels!

    Yep I understand what you're saying 100%. I did that with my S197, hence why I'm asking opinions for my s550. It'd likely be an extra 150 per wheel and 100 per tire if I go to 19's in the rear. So an extra $500, bringing the total for option 2 to $3800. That's more than I'd like to spend for...
  7. Help Me Pick Wheels!

    I'm planning on a Whipple next year, so I'm not opposed to a drag sized wheel in the back. The main reason for an 18x11 is that they're on sale. Currently with the tires that I want option 2 is going to be about $3300. changing the rears to 19x11 would bump that up another few hundred at least.
  8. Help Me Pick Wheels!

    Yessir, all the other accents on the car are black. I think it'd look weird with any other color.
  9. Help Me Pick Wheels!

    I've got a 2018 PP1 in Orange Fury that I'm trying to pick wheels for. Option 1: Mach 1 HP replicas Option 2: Apex SM-10's in black (19x9 for the front and 18x11 for the rear) What do you guys think? I'm pretty torn between options 1 & 2, but I'm open to suggestions. The Car: Sorry for the...