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  1. Anyone Ever Cut Into/Modified Stock Active Exhaust

    From what I have read on here the mufflers themselves aren’t that restrictive and flow pretty good. Your biggest restriction will be the factory piping and resonator. Maybe @engineermike @GregO @markmurfie can chime in on the subject.
  2. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    Totally agree! My shop mostly deals with turbo’s so they are dying to throw a pair in, they have previously done a single in a Mustang that was for track only. We have even tossed around the idea of doing a water to air intercooler since I already have the killer chiller installed.
  3. Wengerd vs PBD vs Lund, which is the best?

    I totally get it no one likes a bad taste in their mouth!
  4. Wengerd vs PBD vs Lund, which is the best?

    Chris I’ve never really heard anything bad about Lund but unfortunately he does not tune 18+ Roush SC so it left some of us to choose other tuners.
  5. Wengerd vs PBD vs Lund, which is the best?

    That’s a loaded question…. You will get a thousand different answers and opinions. They all do a great job with the coyote platform and all in all that’s a great thing for us. I think it comes down to what your goals are and what F/I you will be running. I went with the Wengerd due to a couple...
  6. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    Glad you guys actually took some time you deserve it!
  7. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    Hmmm that is definitely out of the ordinary for them. I can only imagine how many emails they get a day it is probably astronomical. Maybe try PMing them on here with your email address. @Wengerd Performance
  8. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    Talked with them several times on Saturday hopefully they took a few days off for the holiday thou.
  9. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    Not 100% sure yet. Been looking at the ESS kits and my shop is trying to get me into a custom TT setup. Both will allow me growth potential since I’ve pretty much reached the limits of what the Roush can do and will take a lot of the heat I’m combating out from under the hood.
  10. Has anyone purchased the DYNAVIN head unit that replaces SYNC?

    Looks like a viable option indeed. If it would allow me to project what ever is on my iPhone on to it I would jump at it in a heartbeat. I wanna use my OBD Fusion for gauges on it so I don’t have to stare at my phone for iat2’s and some other gauges I can’t get on my digital dash.
  11. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Thanks Brad! Glad to hear the intercooler is doing its job.
  12. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    Thanks for the reply Mark!
  13. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Not sure if I missed it in the 167 pages but… what kind of iat2’s are guys seeing who are running the G3 kits? Is the upgraded intercooler being effective and cooling the charged air down?
  14. Looking to get back into a S550 *Update*

    Would you pay 65k for a 2021 401A 4K miles that will walk a new GT500? 😜
  15. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    So you can’t put feeler threads in the FS forum so I figured I’d turn to you guys. Contemplating going in a different direction with my car. Do you guys feel there is a decent value in resale of a Roush kit? If so around what value? Kit has 3800 miles on it and works flawlessly I would also...
  16. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    @[email protected] any forum discounts or 4th of July promotions for this? Also when you send a core in does it have to be a 350 or can it be a regular 5.0 TB?
  17. Georgia Need recaro seats

    Good luck! I been waiting for awhile for a decent set that isn’t through the roof in price. This is about a cheap as you’ll find them every thing else is above 3k.
  18. My cats used 8 of their 9 lives.

    Do they do visual inspection or just OBD scanning? The reason I ask and I know it’s easier said then done but…. Could you switch to catless LTH’s and just put the cats in for testing or even just the factory headers? I know it wouldn’t be cost effective in some regards but sure beats hampering...
  19. My cats used 8 of their 9 lives.

    @LSchicago FL doesn’t have testing so I’m not familiar with each state’s testing. How often do you have to test? What exactly are they testing and for (I know each state is different)? How mechanically inclined are you?