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  1. Advice required - Redoing entire car protection - Ceramic, PPF or BOTH?

    I'm a both fan. Cost me $2,018 to do full hood, hood vent, front bumper and cover, all black trim, mirrors, headlights and front fenders. PPF for rock chips (Premium Shield is what was used), it has held up to highway travel with no issues. Ceramic on top of PPF. Cleaning is SO much easier, plus...
  2. Ford Mustang DARK HORSE Special Edition Trademarked

    Cool! That was my official submission to the contest. Wonder how many other people submitted that same idea.
  3. GT500 fresh off the truck at Lafayette Ford

    Pffft…. Since we’re comparing fishing stories…..check this out.
  4. 2022 GT500 order thread

    Well I've been doing inventory searches of dealer orders using 500 mile search radii to canvas the country just for giggles. Conservatively, 20-25% are CFTP HE orders I kid you not. It seems like every dealer had the same idea. Possibly 40% are Brittany Blue total. Cyber Orange, as far as...
  5. Mustang Black Accent Package Announced (But Yet to Be Named -- You Can Help Name It)

    The superduper obvious choice here is... The Darkhorse Package To anyone from Ford monitoring this, please send the marketing budget savings in the form of a bribe to the guys doing 2022 scheduling so I can get a build date.
  6. 2023 GT500

    I could see 2022 customer orders that landed within expected production numbers and that are delayed by material shortages being pushed into a 2023 MY, but no additional units being produced otherwise.
  7. 2022 GT500 order thread

    Well sure, purchasing a car isn’t. How people treat each other regardless of the situation is however. Capitalism has nothing to do with it. Sure, I can understand the viewpoint in a sellers market but just because I can understand or empathize with a viewpoint does not validate the truth of...
  8. Weight Reduction

    Depends on your budget. You can lose a lot of weight quick with carbon fiber body panels, wheels, carbon ceramics… battery, exhaust swap, non oem front seats, rear seatbelts, seats, speakers, etc. I’ve got almost 500lbs I’ve identified in mine that could be eliminated while keeping the stock...
  9. 2022 GT500 order thread

    True but at the same time, customers should not be having to make all the concessions. If people are suddenly grateful just to be treated with basic respect and willing to pay for it, we are allowing dealers to lower the bar on basic morality.
  10. Trying to buy a Shelby sucks….

    When they "borrow" money, the Reserve system (large banks) along with a small % of foreign nations, etc, simply create the money out of thin air. It didn't exist. Now it does. Here's where it gets even more confounding. When those funds are sent out into various portions of the economy, they...
  11. What 2022 GT500 are you Getting?

    Wouldn't the "HE Base Vinyl", ".....Painted" and "HE CFTP Vinyl", "......Painted" options cover that? I meant the two options that are strictly "HE Base" and "HE CFTP". No biggie either way, just my OCD.
  12. What 2022 GT500 are you Getting?

    @Houston Kid I just noticed this, but I think you can actually delete the HE Base and HE CFTP options since those are covered by all the other variants.
  13. 2022 GT500 order thread

    A subtle difference but, all retail orders? Or all allocations? My assumption is that Ford is not just handing out allocations for every retail order and that the algorithm picks where the allocations go, and those cars eventually get built regardless of an associated retail order. Though, I'm...
  14. What 2022 GT500 are you Getting?

    Figured I’d actually vote now that I have a real allocation and am negotiating pricing on a car that isn’t 100% vapor ware…
  15. 2022 GT500 order thread

    Thanks! Washington State so I didn’t have to go out of state. Just picked a small dealer that got a CFTP last year and….lighting struck twice. Didn’t get me out of ADMs though.
  16. 2022 GT500 order thread

    Well, progress! My order from back in Dec now officially has an allocation to go with it as of yesterday. CFTP HE POTS. Working out pricing with dealer…we‘ll see what happens.
  17. 2022 GT500 order thread

    Really looking forward to the photos! Congrats!
  18. What 2022 GT500 are you Getting?

    Well…If my order actually gets picked up in the second allocation round…it will be HE CFTP Painted.
  19. Rocker Stripes on 2022 GT500 HE

    Everything I have seen indicates gt500 is on the side. The configurator is probably just inaccurate. Happens all the time with online configs. Congrats on a build date! That’s awesome.
  20. Who needs an FL2087? Act fast.

    Tom, Thank you for going through the legwork to do this. Appreciate it. Thomas