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  1. Anybody have An R-lock from raceseng?

    I bought a used racesng knob off ebay, then realized I needed to buy the adapter... then when I went to install it, I realized I need a wide bore knob to use the oem reverse lockout... Anybody know if steeda reserve lockout would work?
  2. Questions about getting a custom tune for Roush supercharger

    Sickkk I am def interested in those kind of performance gains... already have many upgrades... need to take the car to the track and dyno to see what it is performing at.
  3. New Steeda h pipe install

    I have heard the tinny sound is due to loose clamps... I would suggest adding some rtv copper inside the clamps that feel loose... Check this by having someone else Rev the engine while you use your hands with gloves on, to apply pressure to the clamped areas..
  4. 15-17 Xforce non-res mid pipe kit

    Here's a video showing various Exhaust modes... Stock, no exhaust, xforce varex with resonator, and xforce with h pipe
  5. Rear end clicking sound gone - Thrust washer on hub

    It's next up on the repair list.... should know soon, but I expect that replacing the washer and axle nut should do the trick. Need to also do this on my explorer.
  6. 15-17 Xforce non-res mid pipe kit

    I'm about to cut into the resonator this week. Wish I had the straight pipe so I didn't have to do math LOL
  7. New hydro dipped emblems

    Looks great, just found them today
  8. Best shift knob?

    that looks fire
  9. Georgia 18+ GT350R steering wheel and red Raceseng Ashiko

    Looking for the adapter, would you be willing to sell just that?
  10. Virginia 2016 Mustang GT

    nice ride
  11. Best Resonator Delete for Active Exhaust

    Will get a clip of my Pypes H-pipe + XForce active exhaust after I install it next week... the stock XForce resonator is pretty efficient at making the setup quiet...
  12. Florida Magnaflow x-pipe Tru x Resonator $250 shipped

    Going to have to replace my resonator on my xforce exhaust setup... I bought it used knowing it was cracked, but thought some jb weld, or blue magic would work to close it up... unfortunately after a few days it seemed to open back up... I'm running a 3in exhaust and was thinking x or h pipe...
  13. Florida Magnaflow x-pipe Tru x Resonator $250 shipped

    I'm eyein it.... whats the pipe Inner Diameter... and length?
  14. My First Mod

    Nice, I may need to go the red sharpee route in the future.. I have an explorer and it has the red stitching, but no luck on the mustang. That small detail really makes it pop
  15. My First Mod

    nice red stitching... you do that yourself?
  16. Ramps for Lowered vehicles

    Rhino ramps work for me.... lowered 1inch on steeda
  17. Varitune vs Varex - review

    another video on hard wiring the switch
  18. Varitune vs Varex - review

    video on hardwiring a switch