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  1. Silver or black wheels on Antimatter Blue 21 Mustang GT?

    I'm gonna have to agree that going with silver since you color is dark dark blue. I think it would compliment the antimatter blue well and look amazing!
  2. I think I need this.

    I like it! Perfect for right above the livingroom couch! 😁
  3. Help decide!

    I like your P51's but if you're going to switch, I'd say go for the 10's. They look more aggressive to me.
  4. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Man, that's a nice S550!! And I love those rims on the S197. Wish they never discontinued them!
  5. Shelby American Field Trip

    I took my wife there a couple of years ago as we were looking for something different to get a way from the casino's for a while. We did the guided tour which was free at the time and she said it was one of the best things we've ever done down there. It was such a cool experience!
  6. GT/CS Side Scoops. Love em, Hate em, or Meh?

    I think they look good especially on the California Special. It's just an aesthetics thing just like decals and makes the car look a little bit more aggressive. Doesn't matter if they're not functional, but I do understand for those who don't like them are coming from. It's all personal...
  7. Finally got the new wheels on! Glamour shots!

    They look awesome! Goes really well with the blue.
  8. ADM Hell! Ford!!!!

    Funny! :giggle:
  9. ADM Hell! Ford!!!!

    I know and they can have it. I want to have a good car buying experience and feel like I got a good deal. Not worth walking away feeling like I got screwed!
  10. ADM Hell! Ford!!!!

    Actually, I went to Hansel Ford this past weekend with the intent to buy this car as they had it advertised for 63K on their website. When they confirmed that the car was still available, we went inside to do the numbers. At that point, the salesperson told me that it was actually supposed to...
  11. New LMR M1HP and GT500 wheels

    Cool. Thanks for the info. Looks great!!
  12. New LMR M1HP and GT500 wheels

    Thanks for posting these. Have been thinking about putting the same rim and tire setup on my 14 GT. Out of curiosity, are you lowered at all? They look super clean on your ride. Well done!
  13. 5.0 going bad

    I've put 70K miles on my 2014 GT so far that I originally bought with only 124 miles on it and have only had to do basic maintenance other than changing the battery and tires, etc. It' s my second stang and am considering getting another one soon. I've been very impressed with how well this...
  14. Mach 1 possible purchase

    Don't snooze on that M1 if you really like it. I'm finding it nearly impossible to find anything going for MSRP right now. You won't regret it if you can afford the cost of ownership. Good luck!
  15. New shoes!

    Nice shoes dude! Can we get a couple more shots from different angles? Those look really clean!
  16. Gloss black with silver lip

    SVE Series 3 are one of my favorite black rim with the polished lip but they've been out of stock for a while now. Hopefully they come back in stock soon. Here is the link:
  17. Painted rear window louvers

    Looks good dude! I agree that we need more pics from different angels though.
  18. White Mustang: Make it look good

    I saw this one on the Blaque Diamond Wheels You Tube page: It's pretty clean. Almost made me want to buy a white stang! 😁
  19. Opinions about Color (California Special)

    Grabber Blue California Special looks sweet! Can't wait to see the pics. Congrats!!!
  20. Did your dealer honor X-Plan?

    I bought my 14 GT Premium with the "X" plan when I had it through my last employer. I did not place an order though as the car was already ordered by the dealership ready to purchase off their lot.