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  1. Kentucky Printed vent gauge pods

    Hey everybody. Just FYI I'm taking a short break from making the vent pods. We're in the process of moving and my printing equipment is in pile of boxes somewhere. Give me about 2 weeks and I should be up and moving again.
  2. Kentucky Printed vent gauge pods

    Bump. Haven't been too active on the forum, but still making these if anybody needs one.
  3. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    I've noticed mine to be inconsistent. I always just assumed it was outdoor temp related because it seems to stay on longer when it's warmer. It would make sense since it's wired to the egr.
  4. Kentucky WTB Stock Rear Shock Mounts

    Looking for a set of relatively low mileage rear upper shock mounts. PM me with what you have.
  5. Kentucky Printed vent gauge pods

    Hey guys, sorry to do this but I'm bumping the price from $20 to $22.50. Shipping costs have exploded and this at least covers part of that. Thanks, Jobodizo
  6. Kentucky Printed vent gauge pods

    Just the actual air vents. I don't have a PP so no point of reference to design the other.
  7. Kentucky Lund nGauge for sale

    Locked Lund nGauge (Lund will unlock with tune purchase) for sale. Cable has been spliced for a 90° RJ45 end for gauge cup clearance. Updated to the newest 335 firmware. Screen is touch and go on touch location accuracy. No additional accessories. $250+ shipping CONUS from 40214. I reserve...
  8. Kentucky Printed vent gauge pods

    Bump. After a few inquiries I have 3 currently printed and ready to go.
  9. Kentucky Printed vent gauge pods

    Still making them but don't have any ready to go atm. They're sized for 2-1/16" gauges (2.0625") compared to 52mm (2.0472"). You would probably just need to wrap the gauge in electrical tape or something to make up the difference. If you're interested shoot me a PM...for some reason I don't...
  10. Kentucky Printed vent gauge pods

    Replied to your pm.
  11. Kentucky 50th Appearance Pack Wheels

  12. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    Pulley on the 2300 is smaller.
  13. Kentucky 50th Appearance Pack Wheels

    Stock 19" appearance pack rims, tires, TPMS from a 2015 Mustang GT. Wheels are in good shape except the pictured spot. Tires are Pirellis at end of life. Priced for quick sale at $400 firm, must pickup in Louisville, KY.
  14. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    FYI, Edelbrock 2nd day air-ed me a pump. Kit is 2.5 years old with 16k miles. Not sure what warranty on parts is, but they took care of me.
  15. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    I just use a JLT Whipple compatible one with the hose end cut off to go on the eforce nipple. There are other better/more expensive ones out there...just depends on what you want to spend.
  16. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    Yeah, mine didn't qualify for the full warranty because it was already four years old with 36,000 miles on it. Talked to Edelbrock, and they told me to send my invoice and serial number in and they'd look at warranty. For future reference in case anybody's wondering, Edelbrock uses the same...
  17. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    Morning guys and gals. My intercooler pump crapped out on me on the way into work this morning. Checked the fuse, so it's either the pump or the relay. Want to go ahead and order a pump since I'll have to pull everything apart to check the relay anyway. Anybody know where we can get an exact...
  18. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    Resistance vs Temperature
  19. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    It's just the RT curve for the thermistor in the sensor. Should be a quick fix, and everybody uses the same sensor so the data table is everywhere.