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  1. Used 19 vs New 22

    Found a used 2019 GT with 9k miles at an Audi dealer for $42k. I’m assuming the original owner traded it in for something more practical. I’m not sure why else they would put a bunch of money into cosmetics and trade it so soon. The carfax is clean with only AC compressor replaced. It’s a...
  2. 22 Mustang GT vs. 2019 Mercedes-AMG E63 S

    My friend just got himself a used 2019 AMG E 63 S. It’s a twin turbo V8 AWD. I haven’t got my 22 yet so I’m curious how they would compare stock for stock. The weight is what makes me think it could be a fair race. I fully expect his car to be quicker considering it’s well over double the cost...
  3. Changing color on order

    Hello, so I’m having second thoughts about the color I chose for my order. I’m still very early in the process, no VIN yet. I picked Grabber Blue but now I’m thinking I want OxfordWhite or Carbon Gray. Car will be a semi-daily and I feel like I might get annoyed or tired of the blue after a...
  4. Will 18x10 +25 et squared fit?

    Title. I have stock brakes, no brembos or big brakes. Is 25 offset too little? I'm going for concave wheels and they have that offset. Please advise, thank you!