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  1. Apple 13 pro or S22 ultra

    Which and why. I've only owned Samsung phones.
  2. Anyone run an H and a X pipe?

    Like the title says, if so did it help, hurt or do nothing for power. Did it quiet the sound? I've got a H pipe on it now and have a X pipe on the shelf just begging to be welded in. Other option is running true duals and adding cherry bombs.(bullet resonators)
  3. Good news is won't have to worry about speed cameras Big brother is coming and he is using corporations to do it.
  4. Velossa tech

    Does anyone have a good phone number for this company? I want to check availability before ordering and they have not answered emails. Google maps gives a number but it goes to VM. A PM will be fine if the number is not supposed to be public, Thanks.
  5. GT350 Throttle body

    On a GT350 IM is a must IMO. I've been running a 350 IM with an adapter to fit a 80mm TB. Today I rigged up a cai and installed said 87mm TB. What a world of midrange difference. I have a fairly solid tune except for a slight skip off idle. I may need some professional tuning help for this. I am...
  6. Kentucky WTB GT350 or Bullit CAI

    I need a 350 CAI, stock or aftermarket. Thanks
  7. I hate deer

    Last night I swerved to avoid a deer, went off the road and hit a fence. Should have took the bastage out. Damage quote?
  8. Kentucky GT A/C Compressor (NEW)

    Like the title says brand new compressor. BR3Z-19703-B 250 shipped lower 48 200 local pick up
  9. Dash rattle, piece closest to windshield

    Has anyone had success getting rid of this rattle? How did you do it. Thanks
  10. Auto meter fuel pressure gauge

    Ordered it from Amazon it arrived today in a plain white box with no sticker or instruction sheet. Is this legit or might it be a knock off?
  11. What is needed to swap a 17 analog instrument cluster with

    an 18 up analog cluster. Before anyone says to go digital I don't like the digital dash. My reason for swapping is I want the tach with the higher redline. Thanks
  12. New MAF sensor

    It's time to replace my MAF. What brand would you use? Motorcraft, Standard or Hitachi? What makes this worth $325??
  13. Bought the XPR mustang back up lamp

    Took advantage of the free shipping for forum members and all I can say is wow. I can actually see to back up at night. Thank you for a great product. My only complaint is I can see it flicker through the back up camera. This is not really an issue, but if a redesign can get rid of this it...
  14. No prep racing

    Went to my first no prep race last night. These guys are nuts, 4 second 1/8th miles 35 degree F weather and a slick track. Only 2 hit the wall many out of shape. Had one racer from NYC and another from Chicago. Pretty good crowd considering the cold. They have a 11.50 second 1/4 mile pro tree...
  15. Passenger door won't unlock

    When I place my hand on the drivers door handle. It used to. Any ideas? It will open if I use the FOB or the passenger door handle.
  16. Question for those who are using E85

    Do you use an upper cylinder lube? if so which one and why. I tested 3, Trans fluid, ethanol compatible 2 cycle oil and Power Plus 19769-18 Fuel Additive Alcohol Top Lube. Trans fluid looked like a water mix and some solids fell out of suspension so don't use it. Both the 2 cycle oil and the...
  17. Anyone use a wix 51087 oil filter?

    Looks to be a longer version of an 820. Looks like it will hold a full Qt of oil.
  18. Rear hub bearings

    NSK, Timkin or? Which is the best for longevity? Mine are starting to make noise.
  19. I hate people who think they are special

    I went to a restaurant today off hours. The parking lot was empty. I parked and went to eat. As I was leaving a party of 4 entered. When I got outside I see this silver POS parked 2 feet from my drivers door. So I looked for chips in my paint. Sure enough my door handle has a chip out of it, no...
  20. Eco boost VS GT

    Would I hate myself? Dealer offered me a trade, my 17 GT base + 5000 for a new 2020 eco boost permium