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  1. Anyone try this reverse light?

    I have the VLED V6 Extreme, and hawt dayum are they bright!!!
  2. Add me to the list…

    Yep, it's totally you... Lmao
  3. Upgrading Tire Size....thoughts

    Yep, my gripes exactly. Im not buying anything close to OEM weight, those chonkers!!!
  4. Upgrading Tire Size....thoughts

    Would be nice to have lightweight rims, lol
  5. Upgrading Tire Size....thoughts

    The OEM Bullitt rims? Nope. Best you'll do is 265 fronts, 285 rears. Rim width is not really there to go larger than that. You'd be looking at wider rims if you want real rubber.
  6. MT82-D4 rebuild thread

    Calimer is close enough for me to drive out. So I plan on doing the same! Glad to hear it was as smooth as I had hoped. Im excited to see @NGOT8R 's work. Last few trans I rebuilt were Getrag MMt6, fwd transaxles, lol. So this is exciting stuff to see.
  7. Tis' Baleen McQueen, 2019 DHG Bullitt

    The whipple will fix 6th, but probably take my license away. Lmao!
  8. Tis' Baleen McQueen, 2019 DHG Bullitt

    Sounds slow af... 20 mile commute, all highway-esque, in it to win it-ish. Avg speed probably 80 mph. Then add in the "why the fuck are you in the fast lane" passing of people here and there. Plus the gearing in the Mt82d4, im never in 6th, cause its poop for reaction.
  9. Tis' Baleen McQueen, 2019 DHG Bullitt

    Well, this is what the comp says. I should do the math to confirm though, lol
  10. How many S550 Owners don't use all the Tech available to them in their S550?

    I also find mine to work well, i hate the sound they make though, so if I do run them, its on setting 1. Very glad to have them
  11. How many S550 Owners don't use all the Tech available to them in their S550?

    I dont pair my phone with my cars. Fully committed to driving, not trying to talk or text anyone. I use mycolor(green of course for dash and ambient)have my setting (track everything but sport exhaust, lol)quiet mode is setup. T/C off. For music, i have a usb with all my stuff on it. One in...
  12. For Those That Added Stainless Side Window Trim

    Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something, lol I have a Bullitt, lol
  13. For Those That Added Stainless Side Window Trim

    So it's stick on Bullitt trim?
  14. The Lockout struggle is real

    I shift quick, but after blowing up and rebuilding a few transmissions on another platform, I am synchro conscious. I always rev match downshifts, and generally try to get it to glide into gear, not jam it, lol So, at the 7400-7800 shift zone, I hit it pretty hard and fast actually. Now that I...
  15. The Lockout struggle is real

    I had some lockout on the street, trying to shift while the car was turned or heavy side loading. Well, I wasnt having that nonsense. Barton Hybrid 3 Trans mounted BMR engine brackets BMR Engine mounts Boomba rear trans mount Steeda SS clutch line Steeda clutch master line Tightened the...
  16. Did i f*ck up my clutch swap?

    Do they use an OEM slave/throwout? Or is it proprietary? Shimming required? Lol!
  17. Did i f*ck up my clutch swap?

    Ram clutches, that rings a bell. I wonder if southbend supports the S550. Lots of options, lmk what you end up with!
  18. Did i f*ck up my clutch swap?

    Yeah, I've been on a similar quest looking at clutches. I've daily driven some real on/off, noisy, chattery clutches. Which doesn't bother me at all. I just want a clutch that is going to survive, and not take dropping the trans 5 times to sort out, sending parts back, install/shim...
  19. Outrunning the cops?!

    Yeah, you can outrun a cop, can't outrun Motorola. I just eat it. This day and age, absurdly high chances of you getting caught. Traffic cams, dashcams, some asshat probably throws a vid of you on tiktok, etc. Kids these days video everything. Idiots. Put your phone down, like anybody wants...