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  1. Anyone here have a Shelby Super Snake? (Not GT500) If so, post below!

    Haven't seen many around in the general population and only really discovered it through YouTube and at my local cars and coffee. Thought some guy was upbaging! Glad he educated me!
  2. S550 Trade in for S650?

    So was wondering with the announcement of the S650 right around the corner what features, specs, creature comforts would you guys need in order to trade in your S550 in for one? What features would keep you away? Apologies if this is the wrong site to post this question but since it related to...
  3. LTH Fumes question

    So I just recently had a local shop install a set of Texas Speed LTH (catless) 1-7/8 to a MBRP Race Cat-Back 3" diameter piping.The shop used the included clamps to secure the piping in place. Im passed the break in period of new exhaust smells but am wondering how strong is too strong for...