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  1. Longest owner

    5 years last week. Doesn't seem like 5 minutes!
  2. Too fast?

    What a faff. This is where Tesla have it nailed.
  3. New Ford Performance TPMS sensors

    When I changed my wheels (S550) I bought new TPMS sensors from Ford and they hooked straight up the first time I drove it. No programming, no codes, no bother.
  4. How much do I need Magnaride on UK roads?

    Handling and ride in a non-MR vert is fine especially if you are using it as a cruiser. You can always go the Pedders route later if you want to set the ride up for stiffness, comfort etc. Be reassured the vert wasn’t created by chopping the roof off a coupe but was designed as a vert from the...
  5. Dashcam hardwire location?

    You can get a kit to plug into the OBD socket. I found that easier than tapping into the fuse box.
  6. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Nice job. Strange mark on your sump
  7. MYUS Address

    I have used one successfully for a few years. Unfortunately the U.S. has caught up with only shipping to a credit card holders address so it is becoming less useful.
  8. Number Plates (UK)

    Technically, you should only use one of the suppliers listed on the DVLA guidance. I’ve used plates4cars successfully in the past.
  9. New Ford Performance TPMS sensors

    Yes, different frequency in the US. I bought a set from Ford in the UK and they synced up straightaway. If you swap yours out you could sell them to someone with an import.
  10. Tesla Model Y and “Mustang” Mach E comparison

    I’ll think I’d take the Tesla tbh (keeping my Mustang obviously ).
  11. GT350 Front bumper

  12. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    You're nuts! In a good way of course. :rockon:
  13. For sale Grabber Blue GT 18 reg

    That shows how bonkers the car trade is. The custom pack was an extra £300 or so back in 2015 and was sold on the promise of undefined extras on top of the window surround and nickel lustre wheels. We hoped for real dash stitching, better leather etc and ticked the box. Sadly, the window...
  14. S550 GT Nickel Lustre "Custom Pack" wheels and tyres

    For sale, the original wheels off my S550. Done approx. 12,000 miles. Original P zeros on the fronts with surprisingly good tread and no signs of cracking. Nearly new (a few hundred miles tops) PS4S's on the rears. £650 the set. Happy to split - 2 rears £400 pair; fronts £125 each. Couple...
  15. Black Lug Nuts
  16. Black Lug Nuts

    They do look the nuts! :facepalm: What would really set these off would be a set of Coplus sequential front indicators. Special price to you.