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  1. Mustang GT-4 Wins at SEBRING!

    Chad McCumbee in the PF Racing #40 Mustang GT-4 Wins the Alan Jay Automotive Network 120 at Sebring International Raceway. Race #2 of the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Link:
  2. Is Ford ever going to release the 2022 Mustang Build & Price???

    I can't remember it ever being this late into the model year, lots of new '22s on the pages around here, including Mach 1's. Should'a ought'a been out 2 months ago, though prices keep creeping up every couple of weeks.
  3. Question on Tire wheel Fitment

    The widest Apex EC-7 wheel for proper fitment in front are 10x19. Do you think that the same size 305/30ZR19, the Cup2's come in stock on the Mach 1 would work in a PS4 on that 10x19 wheel? Michelin recommends 10.5"-11.5". Is a 1/4" bulge per side a big deal on the street? Mine is a daily...
  4. Looking like S650 is Delayed, 2023 Mach 1?

    In a new article from Ford Authority it's looking like the S650 won't see production until Spring 2023. What does that mean for the Mach and S550, do they go another year?
  5. S650 Delayed Until 2024MY?

    Just read the "new" Mustang is delayed until 2024MY as per Ford Authority: New Report Suggests S650 Ford Mustang Won’t Arrive Until 2024MY
  6. Anyone know the Mach 1 Production Numbers for 2021?

    I'd love to see the Option/Color Take Numbers too. The first batch seemed to be overwhelmingly FJG non-HP cars. I know it was a strange year, with the shortages, delays and all There are Mach 1's out there for sale, just not many where I live. Here in CA there are Used M1's with around 6K...
  7. What is the market for HP Cup2 Mach 1 Take Offs?

    Planning on either shipping my HP tire/wheel combo home from Grainger and buying an alternative everyday wheel/tire setup to drive home on, or take the Cup2's off and install PS4s. I will only be doing track running very sparingly and the PS4s will do just fine. Is there much interest out there...
  8. Looked on and saw Mach1 ads

    Looks like about half of the Mach1s listed on are Fighter Jet Grey and most have MSRPs of right around $60k. No pictures yet, but a few Window sticker links if you go to the dealer's site. Looks like we'll be seeing a lot of orange calipered FJG Machs running around this summer.
  9. Bullitts at Fabulous Fords Forever

    4 Years of Bullitts at FFF 2018 AND A COOL T-SHIRT Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Cobra Jet and Bullitt
  10. Mustang GT4 vs. CTSC McLarens, Porsches

    It's finally on track, at Daytona. Driver Maxwell say they are using a different engine than the GT350RS, but doesn't specify. I'm assuming it is a 5.2L CPC, maybe we'll hear more in Detroit tomorrow (Monday)? Article at SportsCar365...
  11. Street racing Camaro vs. tree = DOI

    Very sad, the driver died on impact, but shows the stupidity of street racing. It happened yesterday close enough to where I live that I heard all the emergency vehicles as they sped to the scene. Reminds me of that Mustang that got practically cut in half by a tree a month or so ago, but the...
  12. Top Gear pans new Mustang

    What's up with the terrible spot on the new RHD Mustang on the "new" Top Gear TV show? It was worse than the rest of the show.
  13. Would PP Rears work up Front?

    I was wondering if the offset of the GTPP rear wheels would work on the front of the PP without spacers or any tweaking, anyone know or tried?
  14. Continental Tire Challenge Daytona "Spoiler"

    With 37 min. left Mike McGovern in Mustang Boss 302R #2 is leading the Porsche 911 of Matt Plumb by .11 sec. Billy Johnson in the #15 Mustang Boss 302R has the fastest lap so far, but is running 11th
  15. Question about wider than stock tire diameters

    Currently there are no 19" tires I can find that are 305+ and close to the stock diameter of the PP rears. What sizes are you guys running? And what are you doing about the diameter discrepancy and the computer? Most of the sizes I've found are under 27" dia. and the stock PP 275/40R19 tires...
  16. TOP GEAR takes 2015 GT to 50 States minus 1

    Pretty cool read and album of pics on their 11K mile 49 state trip. They seam to really like the RR GT PP they got to play with. Link to main page: I wonder if they will wait for a RHD car to test on the UK TV Show? It will be interesting...
  17. Sunnyvale Ford finally got their 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

    Rode my bike over to Sunnyvale Ford yesterday, to see if they had finally got a 2015 Mustang in. To my surprise they had just received 3 Mustangs. A Black/Black V6 automatic, Race Red/Stone GT automatic , and a Black/Black GT manual. It was getting dark and I had another 10 miles to ride to get...
  18. Interesting GT350 Rendering from JC Design

    Saw this on Stang TV, I'm not much for silver/grey, but I'd love to have this car! Thanks to Twin Turbo for the update.
  19. Frontier Ford got a Plain Jane White V6

    Dropped off my car for service at Frontier a couple hours ago and saw the 2015 they got in. those poor guys got the plainest of plain Jane Mustangs made, a White V6 with an Automatic trans as it's only option, a real rental fleet special. Sure looked pretty though, supposed to get two more...
  20. Looks like Frontier and Galpin have some in

    Been checking the Ford Inventory pages and Frontier in San Jose has a White EB Premium that no longer says "Dealer Ordered" and Galpin in the S.F. Valley has at least 4 2015 Mustangs without the "dealer ordered" on them. I know where I'm going after work today...