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  1. New Carbon Fiber for my CFTP

    Ford Performance/Anderson Composites. Mirror Bodies coming. Trying to decide if I should hunt down a Rear Diffuser. Any significant exhaust heat issues/concerns?
  2. 2021 GT500 CFTP in Carbonized Gray Metallic

    Just arrived at my local Seattle Dealership today. CFTP with Black Penske Stripe. The metallic paint is pretty incredible, even covered in transport dirt. Color is much more striking in person than any photo I have seen. RR
  3. 2020 Shelby GT500 Anniversary

    Today is exactly 1 year since I took possession of my 2020 Shelby GT500. I believe that I was the last to receive a car of the first production group. Simply love this car both on and off the track. Unfortunately, Winter is long, cold and wet in the Pacific Northwest. Congratulation to all...
  4. GT500 at Taste of Motorsports - Portland 2020

    Auto News with Shelby American at Taste of Motorsport Portland, August 2020.
  5. 2021 GT500 Order Banks Now Open! List Your Order

    Order Banks for 2021 GT500 are reported to open today, Thursday January 7, at 1:00 PM PST. List your order date here. Mine is locked and loaded, awaiting for the system to accept it.
  6. GT500 Note: Black Flag at PIR

    First time out on the track last Sunday during Taste of Portland Motorsports event at Portland International Raceway. Black flagged after two laps due to 2 decibels above Sunday maximum 103 decibels. Attempted another lap with exhaust set on "Quiet". Black flagged again due to 105 decibels...
  7. Anyone attending the Shelby Bash in Las Vegas March 19-22?

    See you on the track!
  8. Ford GT500 Delay Apology Letter & Gift

    Has anyone having a substantially delayed 2020 GT500 actually received a Ford Apology Letter and Gift as promised? I have previously heard from both Ford Performance and my dealer regarding this and have had no follow-up. I am not referring to any Dealer Gifts that may have been shared with...
  9. Ford vs Ferrari at SEMA

    During this years SEMA, I was lucky enough to be invited to a private event hosted by Shelby American. Started with a cocktail party at the Shelby Heritage Center, kind words from Team Shelby's Gary Patterson, unveiling of the new F150 Shelby Super Snake Sport Truck and an historical review of...
  10. Who Will Be One Of The First To Receive A Mass Produced GT500 Through A Dealership!

    I think the Mass Production Movement floodgate is close to opening. Who will the first in their Region to receive a Mass Production GT500 through a dealership? Can anyone beat my current, (as of November 3, 2019), published ETA. (Clearly my car will be flown in via Military Transport to arrive...
  11. 2020 GT500 Insurance

    In anticipation of actually receiving the 2020 Shelby GT500, I have reached out to my long time Safeco Insurance agent. I am a very good customer on many levels. My agent claims to be very familiar with classic and performance vehicles and represents other performance car insurers such as...