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  1. Radar Detector Recommendations

    Contemplating getting one and thought I’d see what you guys thought. I’ve never had one and wanted to know if they’re just annoying or if there are any that work well.
  2. DCT whine noise

    Anyone notice an intermittent whining noise when the car is in gear or reverse at idle? I only notice it when I’m sitting at idle like in a drive thru when the car is in gear and my foot is on the brake. The car is shifting perfectly and no vibration or performance issues.
  3. 2020 C8 VIN #001

    Just sold at Barrett-Jackson Westworld for $3 million bought by Rick Hendrick
  4. Do you plan to Ceramic Coat your new GT500?

    Thought I’d run a poll about this. I have been researching it since I wasn’t too educated about it and am unsure about whether or not it would be a good option. Personally, mine won’t be tracked and more for leisure driving. Also, wondering if covering the Vinyl Stripes with those of us that got...