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  1. Thinking of selling my GT500

    I keep on going back and forth on this but I am thinking of selling my GT 500. I feel the car is "too much car" meaning Its probably never going to see a track and driving it around you never really get to enjoy the potential or this beast. On the other side of things I own a GT500 something...
  2. Looking for a Mechanic to install Short Shifter (Modesto, Sacramento, Bay Area)

    I purchased the Barton Hybrid 3 Short Throw shifter and was planning on doing it myself but having watched the install video I am not sure I am able to by myself. I am located in Modesto California and do not know any good mechanics yet.
  3. California Want to buy: 2019/2020 Mustang Bullitt Recaro Seating

    Would like to buy 2019/2020 Mustang Bullitt Recaro Seating. I do not want to sell/trade my non Recaro Bullitt seating.
  4. Procharger Installed - P1X Stage 2 - CARB Compliant

    Recently had a Procharger system installed on my 2019 Bullitt and couldn't be happier. I would have some better photos but the car is pretty dirty due to all of the fires in California at the moment "Raining Ash at times". Boost is where I wanted it to be even with all of the restrictions in...
  5. OPG/CS Installation to 2019 Mustang GT in NorCal

    Looking for anyone who knows of a good shop to install OPG and CS in a 2019 Mustang GT. I am having a Procharger System installed and would like to get those upgraded just incase. I would do it myself but the timing worries me.
  6. California SOLD: 2018-2019 Active Exhaust Motors and Harnesses

    Purchased all of the cables and motors to hook up the active exhaust on my 2019 GT/CS. Wasn't able to use these as I never could figure out how to enable the active exhaust on a 2019 Mustang. 2018 Mustangs apparently require a change with for scan to enable the menu options but the 2019's were a...
  7. California FS: S550 Euro Taillights (Clear) - @s550euros

    Selling my S550 Euro Taillights that I purchased from @s550euros on Instagram. They now have a website located at No issues with these lights and I loved them on my 2019 GT/CS. Since that car has been sold and replaced by my 2019...
  8. California SOLD: Ford Steering Wheel Leather And Alcantara GT350R Red/Black 2018-2020 (Used)

    Lightly used, pulled off of my GT/CS before I traded her in. Used it for only about 2 months. Still looks brand new. Asking $500 OBO + shipping