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  1. 2015 Whipple S550 For Sale

    $35,000 • 19,655 Miles • Six Speed Manual Transmission • 19” Black Ford Alloy Wheels • 2.9 Whipple Supercharger • 132mm Elliptical Throttle Body • 72 lb DeatschWerks Injectors • Oversized Heat Exchanger • 6 Rib Belt System • UPR Single Valve Catch Can (driver and passenger side) • Mishimoto...
  2. Whipple really treated me this way!!!

    Recently I purchased a Stage 2 Whipple Supercharger kit. As many of us know, the installation cost of these kits are highly expensive; therefore, many of us tackle this job in our garage to reduce expenses. With that being said, self installation is the route that I took with mediocre...
  3. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    You have solved my issue sir, it must have been the air in the intercooler. I noticed that the coolant was not to the full line, so I continued to bleed it and top it off and it finally started running right. I greatly appreciate you sir
  4. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    There gapped to what was recommended, I forgot exactly what it was. 93 Octane from Shell Unsure on fuel trims And no air in intercooler to my knowledge. How do you determine that.
  5. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    I did...there’s no CEL, idles just fine, I have no clue what the issue. I’ve been in contact with Whipple, but things are currently at a halt.
  6. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    I have configured everything as instructed and still no forward progress and still no response from data log sent via email Sunday night. I just need quality help, can someone please help me troubleshoot my issue in a timely manner?
  7. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    Can someone post a picture of what their configuration screen looks like to ensure that I have my settings within the proper parameters.
  8. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    Thank you, I will be sure to set it to that when I get home.
  9. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    I turned off load limiting, but setting the power per gear has me slightly confused. 0% is highest positive number that I have available to select. The remaining options are negative numbers.
  10. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    I turned off knock limiting but did not do load limiting. The power per gear is whatever the default setting is, which I am unsure of. I will check it when I get home.
  11. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    2015 GT premium, Gen 3 Stage 2, manual transmission, #4785.
  12. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    I’ve read that thread before and checked that and it is hooked up to the passenger side. I don’t have a CEL, the car cranks every time with no issue, and drives normal until it is under load. I will check the censor again to quadruple check when I get a moment though.
  13. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    Which is the three prong to two prong then on top of the intercooler? Is there more then one connector that can fit?
  14. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    While driving at 50% throttle and less the car operates normal excluding the excessive backfiring. However, once I really get on the gas the rpms do not increase as they should, the car never goes into boost, and my vacuum gauge shoots over to zero. I sent my data log to Jeff Monday morning as...
  15. Whipple car runs bad - tune issues

    I’m here because my car runs like crap after Whipple install and tune. Sent data log and not much communication since.
  16. ARH Header Long System Installation Experience - 1 guy and 4 jack stands

    Are there any pros of using the provided bolts with the headers? It appears that it would be easier to use the pre existing studs.