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  1. If you've got a 2018+ with borla atak, whcih headers did you use that didnt require welding?

    I have an 18 gt with a borla atak catback and I don't really want to get my headers welded up to the mid pipe...but I don't know which headers are direct fit. I would really prefer not having to get a set welded in. Thanks gents
  2. Texas 2015-2020 mustang GT Stainless power LT headers, gt350 CAI, nitrous express single nozzle kit for sale

    Are these the ones that will attach to an aftermarket exhaust? I have the borla atak catback on my 18...wondering if these are the aftermarket ones
  3. What other cars wheels share the same spec as pir (bolt pattern, center bore, etc)

    Just curious what else out there fits our cars...trying to broaden my search of the 2md hand wheels
  4. Any Portland area people with Forscan for EQ?

    I can but I'm up in Tacoma... I've done mine and it's really pretty straightforward....if you can't find anyone local just give it a go yourself, so long as you follow the instructions, you'll be fine. Make sure you take pictures though, anytime you change something, take a picture of the...
  5. Washington WTB: Black mirror caps

    I'm looking to buy a pair of mirror caps off of a black car. They easily pop on and off, so if you have a set laying around, gimme a shout
  6. Question about sct tuner

    So I know the sct comes with canned tunes for e85 and 93 octane...if I bought a used sct, would I be able to use those canned tunes on my car? Or would I need to contact sct and buy new ones? Seems I should know the answer to this but I'm not sure.
  7. Any decal makers in here?

    I have the black accent package on my 18 gt premium and I was wondering if anyone could make me a "GT" decal in black reflective tape that would be applied inside the decklid GT lettering. Something like this but in a black reflective vinyl.
  8. Washington WTB: Driver side power mirror with turn signal, heat and puddle lamp

    I'm looking for a driver side premium mirror. It's gotta have power, heat, turn signal and the puddle lamp. Color doesn't matter. Thanks in advance!
  9. Just put the MP concepts hood vents on my 18 GT...not bad

    So one thing I would HIGHLY recommend is to trace and lay down some matte black vinyl under where the honeycomb of the new vents are, otherwise you will see the hood of your car and that's kinda weird. The roushe ones come with a vinyl cutout, these don't, but you can easily make your own for...
  10. Disable orange front parking lights

    The Netherlands is AWESOME! I loved my 4 years there and have been trying to get back ever since! What will you be doing there? I found out about a treaty America and the Netherlands have called the Dutch-American friendship treaty...if things don't turn around I might have to go that route...
  11. 18 shaker pro amp & sub replacement..low level off the rear deck or stock amp wiring?

    I grabbed the remote signal wire from the blue and white wire in the loom going from the trunk to the decklid... Try using rca inputs instead of the high level harness on the amp...I couldn't get my high level to work on my key amp either.
  12. 18 shaker pro amp & sub replacement..low level off the rear deck or stock amp wiring?

    I used the exact amp for my sub setup....I didn't pull a signal off the stock sub harness for that amp though, I used a LOC and grabbed it off the rear deck speakers. What I ended up doing, is returning the key rf amp, and just getting a cheaper mono need for all that other stuff when...
  13. How many of you have NEVER owned a Mustang previously?

    This is my first mustang.... I'm 39 The wife and I went to San Francisco for a week back in the summer of 2019. It was just the 2 of us, no kids, so I rented a mustang. I'm 6'3 and usually reserve SUV's, but read an article about how accessible the mustang is for tall people. When we got the...
  14. Anyone have this integrated dashcam installed?

    Mehh...probably not...I was wondering if anyone else here has and what their experience was like. I like my vava 2k dual dash cam, but don't like the clutter of having my r7 mounted to my rearview mirror and the dash cam under it... I'm thinking I'm going to need to change something....maybe...
  15. Anyone have this integrated dashcam installed?

    The difference is how it's integrated to look oem.... you can hardly tell its there. It's like a permanent, stealth installation.
  16. 3.5” Midrange Harnesses Completed!

    I've found these to actually work...they aren't factory fitting, but it does slide over the oem connecter to make contact with the leads in the oem doesn't clip into place, but it's pretty snug, and finger of electrical tape tops it for piece of mind.
  17. Anyone have this integrated dashcam installed? It looks pretty clean and oem. Anyone ever try this?
  18. Forscan change for aftermarket amp?

    There is a blue wire with white that is in the wire loom that connects your car to your trunk when you open it....cut that loom open and find it. Splice into that and your good to go.