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  1. Handling Package spoiler

    Is the OEM part installed gloss black or magnetic
  2. Performance pack 2 front lip

    Is the PP2 front lip spoiler the same as the Mach1 HP if not will it still fit

    This is a unused H pipe to fit a V8 2015 onwards there is no clamps £110 posted or collection is available
  4. 2015-17 ENGINE COVER

    Very good condition engine cover from a 2017 mustang will fit 2015-17 V8 models , collection is preferred Any questions please ask Price is £50 posted in U.K., £40 if collected

    As new clear facelift lights was on car for about 1 week these are original ford lights They will fit all 2015 onwards mustangs Price for lights only £500 collection Yes I know about cheaper aftermarket lights but some would prefer original lights Any help needed send me a message cheers...
  6. A10 transbrake mod anyone done it On a GT

    has anyone set transbrake up on their MY18 A10 Transmission and is it difficult to do , can I set up in forscan or do I need special software
  7. Central Florida meets

    hi on holiday/vacation first 2 weeks of jan wondering if there are any meets happening I can go to , second weekend I will have a Shelby sixt rental mustang cheers

    Can I set my exhaust mode so when ever I start the car it is always in that mode until I alter it, tried setting in Mymode but after stopping car and restarting it returns to normal mode Even after saving the settings cheers
  9. Magneride lowering springs

    has anyone fitted lowering springs on a Magneride equipped mustang did you also fit spacers ,if so what springs did you use cheers
  10. Steeda factory tour

    while on a road trip around the southern states called in at the Steeda factory in Valdosta and was given a tour around by top technician Jamie Bell it was very informative showing me production parts and the Steeda cars ,there was also a few customers cars there aswell. He told me about the Fox...
  11. Front DRL sequential boards

    For sale a new set of DRL with sequential indicators, these were bought in America from a California company and never fitted £65 plus delivery to U.K. only
  12. Spare alloy front wheel

    I have a original front performance wheel in silver for sale with some kerb rash if anyone needs a spare , there is no tyre but this should work out a lot cheaper than the £4-500 for the space saver . It will fit over the brembo brakes Price £70 delivered
  13. Mud guards , stone guards no drill

    Front stone guards / mud flaps hand made from abs pinseal to match other plastics I have been selling in UK with happy customers £15 per set +£4 postage , takes only a few minutes to fit using your own pushpins that are already on your car no drilling only tool needed a small pick or...
  14. Stone guards mud flaps front only

    Front stone guards / mud flaps hand made from abs pinseal to match other plastics I took them to Howden to see if any interest had 2 happy customers. £15 per set +£2 postage , takes only a few minutes to fit using your own pushpins that are already on your car no drilling only tool needed a...
  15. Ford Performance Valve covers

    I have a set of valve covers for sale, if anyone is interested can fit/remove yours if needed ,price is £55 , there is a slight mark on 1 side but can’t see it when fitted , just see in photo if you zoom in
  16. 1st Service due

    wondering how many have serviced their mustangs other than at Ford while still under warranty
  17. Roush intake filter cleaning

    how do I clean my roush intake filter , it says do not oil ,when I have cleaned kn filters the cleaning kit comes with oil to re oil filter is this not needed by the roush so is it a case of just washing and leaving to dry cheers
  18. Line lock help needed

    I have a 2017 GT auto ,this is a new car only had it 2 months and done 1213 miles. I have used linelock before on ther cars, the problem I have is I cannot get the bars to reach the top to set the line lock, I have tried all settings and still cannot get it to go up to top , just wondered if...

    Cannot get my GT line lock to engage , what’s wrong Flat ground Wheel straight Handbrake off In drive When I go to press brake pedal the box with bar comes on but no matter how hard I press pedal it will not reach the top for me , any clues cheers
  20. Sync 3 bubble

    How easy is it to remove the bubble on the roof to paint/wrap